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How do we do that? I am interested in the different points and perspectives that people have.

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Did you guys always know from a young age that you wanted to be making stuff together? My return to the theater in New York was so specific. I was able to see shows in the drama department, and hang out there little bit, and it just felt like a natural progression.

Gotta love the new cast, on screen, and in real life. That was probably for the better, I guess.

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It was so evocative. Was it fun for you to figure out how to still do your job and practice your craft in an environment where it was a little bit more challenging? It was simply there to learn and grow and perform, and that was pretty amazing and informative. They are great friends.

I would say auditioning was my real training ground.

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The body language in that interview was so weird.

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Sylar, the serial killer in Heroes; Spock, the first officer of the Star Trek Enterprise; Peter Sullivan, the rocket-scientist-turned analyst that is too diligent for his own good in Margin Call; Chad Warwick, the new homeowner in American Horror Story: But this was before the Snowden stuff happened.

Literally I had just finished shooting one day, and I came back to the hotel and she was in the elevator. The great news is they might be identified night time and day time and may help you meet any time frame type my research paper for me. I was 15, and I turned 16 while I was there, so that was a seminal moment for me.

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Was there a mission statement for the company? I went to high school directly across the street from Carnegie Mellon, actually, and I knew people that were a couple of years older than me that went there.

It was actually pretty cool to be in Pittsburgh for those four years. How did you know you wanted to go to Carnegie Mellon? At this point, I feel Sofia intentionally reached Chris's hand, who fitted her plan perfectly.

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Julianne Nicholson was in it, and Gabriel [Macht]. I think I integrated that over the first couple of years that I was out of school, mostly in auditions, to be honest. I play Glenn Greenwald. I feel like it became more of a vocation. If it was a biopic about him, I would have immersed myself more fully in his personal life and gotten to know him as much as I could, but because it was much more about his relationship to this particular situation, to The Guardian, to Laura Poitras, and to Ewen MacAskill, and Edward Snowden, I was able to really learn a lot about him from reading his book and reading his many articles and accounts of that time.

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Born and raised in Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Mellon-trained actor has knack for picking memorable roles—or perhaps making them memorable—and his latest part is no different.

What made you decide to make that move to Los Angeles? Sofia turns and looks at him to hear him listen now that the awkward tension of his arm on her neck, and hand near breast is gone while talking, she elegantly with respect doesnt draw attention to it.

Chris Pine Talks Playing Gay and His Real Life Bromance with Zachary Quinto

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I really thrived there. It was her first time back in Hong Kong, and I ran into her in the elevator.

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