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Christian singles ministry curriculum, available in the following formats

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This material is sana and uttu dating divas, non-dated, and reusable. God has given men a special responsibility to be heads of their homes and give leadership in the church and community.

God has chosen to mature his people through the ministry of one-to-one conversations and one another ministry.


It is definitely high intermediate-advanced reading skills. Many Christian ministries use it in evangelism and TEFL teachers often find it useful in their classes. Through mentoring and training, TMA seeks to make Christianity relevant for men and their specific needs so that their lives will be transformed and they can positively influence this generation.

It is published by InterVarsity Press. The follow link is a review on this curriculum: Media has a way it can reach some that may not otherwise be willing to hear about Jesus.

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See more information about Seminars. In addition, teachers are instructed in how to assemble and use the flannelboard visual aids for more effective teaching. Each unit consists of about 8 lessons. Whether through a seminar, retreat or counseling program, the Marriage 4 Life curriculum looks at all the different aspects of marriage and helps each person realize their unique and God-given role as a spouse.

Equipping the Saints CMI is committed to bring training to any church or group regardless of size, location, or denomination.

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This ministry also offers weekly audio clips so students can practice their listening. They are free for you to download and use. First copy free when mailed to addresses in the U.

8 Single Principles for a Singles' Ministry

World Bible Translation Center www. This is an extremely helpful site with step by step tips on how to get started.

Read More Church Ministry TMA is committed to the growth and development of a healthy and robust local church across the continent of Africa establishing a theologically sound and progressive basis for discipleship in the African context. Read More Inspirations Media TMA sees great potential value in the use of electronic and print media as a resource that affects people regardless of age or culture.

Resources for Christian Education Ministry

They sometimes face many challenges and most desire to be married but do not see good models of marriage, and many of those around them in marriage are in trouble. The hard-copy subscriptions can be purchased. Over the period of the last decade, Ozone has as developed into highly interactive sessions, mentoring programs, multi-media events, retreats and seminars to show young people how to involve Jesus in every area of their lives.

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Friendship is now an opportunity to imitate Christ in sacrificial love, a call to faithful commitment and humble transparency in our relationships, and the foundation of fruit-bearing mission to the world. This pattern provides the foundation for inter-personal ministry: Open Door Publishers http: Each of the twelve lessons include a topic, earthy objective, heavenly objective, and a cultural focus.

Summary of Content includes running times Lesson 1: TMA has developed printed manuals for all our ministries and is also developing exciting and highly interactive multimedia presentations for television, radio broadcast and the internet to reach the African audience with edifying material that will transform lives emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually!

Delivery guaranteed on in-stock items only. In many parts of Africa, culture seems to suggest that women really only begin to get their value when they are married and have children. Foreign Language Christian Resources www.

Word Building Online

This curricullum beautifully integrates English skills as well as important culltural and spiritual concepts. Sojourners Ministries offers English lessons to students for free by linking them to volunteer teachers. This curriculum reflects a grounded understanding of current second language acquisition theory, learning strategies, and socioclutural aspects of language learning.

The English Language Institute in China www. This change is evident as they gain a desire to live in obedience to the Lord. Packet of self-adhesive flocked Paper Packet of full color flannel board visuals Song CD The textbooks contain 5 - 7 lessons on a particular theme.

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The truth is that the youth make up a percentage of the population that cannot be ignored any longer due to the pressures of modernity, it is crucial to minister to this age group!

Your welfare and your wisdom are connected to the welfare and wisdom of others in the body of Christ. Inspirations Media Marriage 4 Life We teach people to read the word of God and then to put into practice what they have studied!

Books and Bible Study List - The Singles Network Ministries

Also, with the clear illustrations, interactive activities and focus on communication, it is interesting for students. Beginning a Literacy Missions Ministry www.

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God calls each one of us to be partners in this work, speaking words that build others up. You can order them from this site. Sign up and make a difference.

Fantastic teaching resources for teaching abroad from the Amity Foundation. Open Door Literacy Program http: TMA believes that youth key in transforming the family, church, community, the nation and the continent.

Transformation Ministries Africa

Volume 1, "Living by Faith", is 21 units and volume two, "Believing in Jesus" is 24 units. Books that reflect on the Biblical basis for helping those in need by teaching English: TMA has developed the Marriage 4 Life Ministry to teach about the concept of the covenant of marriage for singles, couple preparing for marriage, and married couples.

Persevering in Ministry — Michael Emlet This site contains Bible commentaries and other materials that have been written in EasyEnglish. Association of Christians Ministering to Internationals www. Children's Ministry International welcomes your telephone orders during our regular business hours from 8 a.

During the training, teachers are equipped to explain the gospel message to unsaved children and challenge saved children to walk more boldly in the Spirit.