Injured stuntman Christopher Tierney returns to Broadway in Spider-Man brace | Daily Mail Online Injured stuntman Christopher Tierney returns to Broadway in Spider-Man brace | Daily Mail Online

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Tierney went backstage to wish his castmates good look before watching the performance from the safety of his seat The team is led by Tony Award-winning director and book co-writer Julie Taymor of Lion King fame. Christopher Tierney arrived for Friday's performance in a back brace decorated with Spider-Man stickers before going backstage to christopher tierney broadway dating the castmembers good luck.

He also played the part of a super villain, a bully who torments Peter Parker and a dancer.

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He had already worked with both Taymor and Spider-Man choreographer Daniel Ezralow in the film Across the Universe and was this time cast in a number of roles in addition to doing the main Spider-Man aerial stunts.

For now, three different actors are combining to fill Tierney's vacancy, including Joshua Kobak and Ari Loeb. He then watched the show from the safety of the orchestra seats.

Castmate Reeve Carney, who plays Peter Parker, called Tierney's return a 'miracle' after Friday's performance, which was delayed twice for technical reasons.

Dressed as Spider-Man, Tierney, who that night had already swung multiple times at 40 mph 65 kph and wrestled with the Green Goblin over the audience, simply jumped from a raised platform as the show was wrapping up.

Christopher Tierney

Tierney's appearance came 18 days after he fell 35 feet into the orchestra pit in front of a shocked preview audience when his safety harness failed. Years later, weary of the regimented world of ballet, he was ready for a change. He then settled into his seat about 10 rows from the stage.

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Eventually, producers hope only one performer will once again play all the parts until Tierney heals enough to return.

Tierney has blamed his injuries on a freak accident and doesn't accuse the producers or the creative team of carelessness.

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He chatted to reporters outside the Foxwoods Theatre in New York and said he hopes to return to the show in good time The fall that left Tierney in a back brace and with eight screws in his back happened only seven minutes before the end of the December 20 performance.

As an audience member, he realised how high the platform had lifted him when he was a performer.

Injured stuntman Christopher Tierney returns to Broadway in Spider-Man brace

Everything we do in life helps the next action that we take. Tierney, who was discharged on Wednesday from The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, arrived about 45 minutes before the start of the show to a scrum of reporters and two young women holding up a sign that read 'Chris T.

I had seen it done before, and I really wanted to use my intelligence and movement to bring it to life on stage.

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Turn Off the Dark. The Classic Story on Stage.

Actor Christopher Tierney Departs Broadway's Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark | Playbill

Tierney's relationship with director Julie Taymor creator of the smash-hit musical The Lion King from his work on the musical Beatles film Across the Universe helped land him a role in the Broadway show Spiderman: Love Bergstein adapted the movie based on her real-life story for the theater inand its wide success catapulted it on tour.

Turn Off the Dark returned to the theatre for the first time since his accident.

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Though original film star Patrick Swayze is no longer with us, Christopher Tierney channels his sexy dance moves in the show.

Stuntman Christopher Tierney returned to Broadway last night wearing a back brace with Spider-Man stickers after his stage fall on December 20 'It's what I've been waiting for for the past two weeks - to see my friends and finally watch the show,' Tierney said, adding that it felt 'awesome' to be back.

Baby's Still Got Sauce: Just a few months into previews, Tierney fell 30 feet in an accident at the Foxwoods Theater, breaking 15 bones, including a hairline fracture in his skull and a bruised lung. Tierney pictured on December 20 after falling 35ft on stage when a stunt went badly wrong Share or comment on this article: The year-old suffered a fractured skull, a fractured shoulder blade, four broken ribs and three broken vertebrae during his December 20 tumble.


Last month, a lead actress bowed out. As for Tierney, he said his rehabilitation is going well and that he wants to soon return to the Spider-Man stage, not just the seats. Matthew Murphy Thankfully, Tierney fully recovered from the fall, came back stronger, and was personally invited by Bergstein to be her Johnny on the Dirty Dancing tour.

Four months after the near-death fall, after surgeries and physical therapy, he was back in the theater flying as Spiderman. Matthew Murphy If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. Cell phone video captured the fall.

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