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Cidade de Deus (2002):

Rocket has joined a group of young hippies. Inthe country was at the center of an international outbreak of the Zika virus.

The thieves split part of the loot with the citizens of the City and are protected by them in return.

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In the state of Rio de Janeiro, 14 cases have been confirmed, a small number compared to northern states, but some families ventured into the rain to make sure their children were protected. Benny decides to branch out of the drug dealer crowd and convinces Tiago, Angelica's ex-boyfriend, to get him some new clothes.

The gang resolves not to kill anyone and tells Li'l Dice to serve as a lookout. Michelle Souza, a year-old teacher, brought her 2-year-old son, Morilo, to a center in the Cidade de Deus neighborhood in western Rio.

The initiative follows a measles outbreak that has affected more than 1, people and killed five children, coming shortly after the disease was eradicated in Last year, authorities launched a big campaign against yellow fever, which spiked after several years of relatively low numbers of cases.

City of God(2002)

On the other side of the city, Ednea Fernandes, a year-old seamstress, brought her son to the immunization clinic in Botafogo even though the 5-year-old had already gotten all his shots.

This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Come save Brazil from measles. After Rocket leaves his film with a friend who works at a newspaper office downtown, a female reporter publishes one of the prints, a major scoop since nobody is able to safely enter the City of God anymore.

House md chase speed dating the s, the favela has been transformed into an urban jungle. A chicken escapes and an armed gang chases after it in a favela called the Cidade de Deus "City of God".

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Now authorities want to go back to full coverage on a national level: On the first day of the campaign, lines at Rio de Janeiro health clinics were relatively short. It can be fatal if not treated. Spread by coughing and sneezing, measles is a highly contagious virus that causes symptoms such as runny nose, rashes and vomiting.

Rocket returns to the City for more photographs, which brings the film back to its opening scene. March Learn how and when to remove this template message The film begins with a scene of chickens being prepared for a meal.

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The goal is to vaccinate at least 95 percent of children aged 1 to 5 by the end of the month. In the states with the most critical situations, health workers have in recent weeks been giving out free shots in clinics and going door-to-door.

A year later in the early s, the war continues and even the reason for the war is forgotten. Together, they decide to leave the City and the drug trade.

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The reporter takes Rocket in for the night, and he loses his virginity to her. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

The literal translation of these nicknames is given next to their original Portuguese name ; the names given in English subtitles are sometimes different. Several younger boys idolize the trio, and one, Li'l Dice Dadinhoconvinces them to hold up a motel and rob its occupants.

Cast[ edit ] Many characters are known only by nicknames. Come save your child. He enjoys photography and likes one girl, Angelica, but his attempt to get close to her are ruined by a gang of petty criminal kids known as "The Runts". In the s, the favela is a newly built housing project far from the centre of Rio de Janeiro, with little access to electricity and water.

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Coincidently, Rocket is visiting the apartment to get some drugs off Blacky who is an old classmate of Rocket's during the apartment raid and is caught in the middle of it. But last year, only 70 percent of the population received both doses of measles vaccinations.

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Brazil, which is slightly larger than the continental U. He decides on the latter and the film ends with the Runts walking around the City of God, making a hit list of the dealers they plan to kill to take over the drug business, including the Red Brigadeas well as people they simply don't like.

With Benny, he has established a drug empire by eliminating all of the competition, except for a dealer named Carrot.

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In the ensuing gunfight, Ned is killed by a boy who has infiltrated his gang to avenge his father, a civilian whom Ned has shot. Instead, after the Li'l Dice falsely warns the trio that the police are coming, he guns down the motel inhabitants. The measles cases are mostly concentrated in the northern states of Amazonas and Roraima, where thousands of Venezuelan refugees are crossing the border and trying to rebuild their lives.

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The massacre is brought to the police's attention, forcing the trio to split up: Tiago also introduces Benny to his and Rocket's group of friends, and Benny and Angelica begin dating.

A flashback traces Rocket, the narrator, back to the late s.