A guide to City Night Line sleeper trains | Tickets from €59 A guide to City Night Line sleeper trains | Tickets from €59

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As a family you can travel in your own family compartment. Your travel documents will be returned to you before you leave the train.

Once snug in your berth you cannot see the people above or below you, giving you all the privacy you need. The photos uranium-235 dating were taken from the doorway and accurately show the size of the compartment.

A Deluxe sleeping compartment has its own bathroom equipped with washbasin, shower and toilet and is stocked with towels and shower gel.

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On trains with a bistro car you can lock your room while you go to the bistro. The service was standardised on all lines. There are special compartments for women, wheelchair-bound travellers and families with children. You can book the compartment for up to 2 adults and 1 to 4 children up to the age of There are lots of activities going on at the hotel all year round and fabulous walking trails.

You can book a place in a ladies-only compartment until a few hours before departure subject to availability on bahn.

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Your tickets will be handed back to you at the end of your journey. Max Brown Midtown features stylishly rooms decorated using a variety of art objects.


Only downside is that is is very close to the autobahn, not disturbing in the night but it reminds you that you are not in a mountain resort.

This will give you enough time to grab a bite to eat in town. On introduction of the new timetable on 15 Decemberthe DB Nachtzug portfolio was increased to 20 trains.

Neuschwanstein Castle Day Trip from Munich by Train Munich During the tour you will explore the dreamy Neuschwanstein Castle and the charming old-world town, framed by one of the most breathtaking natural settings in the world.

The dating ring twitter were air-conditioned and each compartment has two or three berths, Deluxe cars have a private bathroom shower, washbasin and WC. Beds are provided with linen pillow and blanket and there is a washbasin that is stocked with towels and toiletries.

Excellent service begins from the very first contact

In all these city night line buchen online dating, please contact: Combine either two Economy compartments or one Economy and one Deluxe compartment. Passport The sleeping car inspector will keep your passport and tickets during the trip.

This gives you even more space and comfort during your journey. Your information is read and processed in accordance with strict internal regulations on the one hand, and solely for the purpose for which you provided it to us on the other hand.

Drinks and snacks are available for purchases and will be served in your room. Seated cars[ edit ] The seated cars consist of compartment cars six seats per compartment; type But if you let's say booked one person in a double sleeper, then you'd get one berth and the other berth will be sold to another passenger of the same sex and you'll share.

Collection of personal information If you visit our website, we do not generally require any information from you. The seat reservation is already included in the ticket. The Amsterdam-Cologne-Prague sleeping-car is Czech rather than German, but these new Czech sleeping-cars have been built by the same German factory Siemens, no less to the same design as the German version.

Introducing German Railways

The hotel common spaces are charming and inviting. City Night Line trains were operated in a through coach system. It was run by the same management team as DB Autozug GmbH, so that responsibility for all night train categories, which still form the core element of the City Night Line network, lay with one single source from then on.

This means that you will share the compartment with other passengers separate compartments for men and women.

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There's plenty of room for luggage under the bottom berth, on the racks above the window or in the recess above the door projecting over the corridor ceiling, see the photo below. The sleeping-car attendant will greet you at the door to the sleeper, check your reservation and direct you to your room.

Are there separate compartments for women travelling alone? When booking, you can indicate a preference for a bottom, middle or top bunk. Security of personal information The personal information, which you submit to us as a participant in the closed user group along with your consent to its collection, processing and use, is transferred via the internet to our computer where it is stored and backed up.

There is shower gel in the shower, but take a towel from your compartment.

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Two adjacent compartments can be converted into a suite for up to six people by means of a connecting door. Fax Your message By sending this form, I hereby agree that my personal data will be collected, transmitted, processed and used in accordance with the German Data Protection Act.

If you book two people in a double sleeper, you obviously then get the whole compartment as you are booking both beds. The night lines were originally operated by the former railway company CityNightLine.

The town is easy to get to by taxi just 5 minutes away. The line network was then redesigned to reflect these new objectives: Gender is then irrelevant as you are booking all the berths in the compartment.

For passengers with reduced mobility, a wheelchair-accessible couchette compartment with a sanitary facility is available on almost all connections. Staff is helpful and spoke English.

Zurich ► Prague

He or she will come round shortly afterwards to take your rail tickets, so you will not be disturbed by ticket inspections. You will explore magnificent views of Main River. Couchette cars have 4 or 6 berths and there are three different categories in use, which differ in respect of their additional functions: Processing personal information Your personal data is only stored on in-house computers that are not connected to the internet.

You need a valid reservation for the journey. The cars were given a uniform livery in white with red window stripe and all-white doors.

Guests will also enjoy designer linens and facilities […] Have a look at some interesting tours TV Tower: You can leave your luggage in a locker at the station. Depending on the type of contract, this can include the name, address, date of birth, occupation and bank information, as well as specific types of sensitive data, such as health, income and financial standing.

Train section runs to Vienna via, among others, Passau and Linz, and arrives at 8.

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There are 12 compartments per metre car, so please don't expect a hotel-room size compartment taking up half the car for just 2 people. You can browse through the website absolutely anonymously within the meaning of the new BDSG.

Economy sleeper with washbasin All compartments can be locked from both sides by the passenger and the train crew can be contacted via a call system. So one person means one ticket means one bed. Explore most beautiful and romantic nooks with your loved ones.

What you see is what you get. Your stay includes mineral water and a small breakfast.