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Civil 3d multiple surface boundaries in dating, boundary types

I have done this before without any problems, but now I am having issues. Simple, create a new polyline and add it to the flat surface as another hide boundary but add it to the steep surface as a show boundary.

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Is there a way to do this in C3D? This will preserve the integrity of the original surface. Aug 12, I am looking to calculate the volume of an existing berm from a TIN surface. Label the surfaces you flirt triebwagen drg have to duplicate the label lines to get the appropriate look and you are done.

Not quite so easy in Civil 3D but it is doable.

Contour Intervals Based on Slope?

When you add data, only the most recent data clip boundary is affected. The way they would normally calc it is to add all the details from the cross-sections into an excel sheet, and makesome complex formulas to figure it out.

Volumes Dashboard Sort Columns Alphabetically? We know that we will be able to get the top 15 feet with heavy equipment but will be drilling and blasting anything greater than 15 feet of cut.

I am trying to figure out what the volume of this pond is. For example, if you add a breakline to a surface following the creation of a data clip boundary, only the part of the breakline that is inside the data clip boundary is added.

Currently using C3D with the volume dashboard extension. The accuracy is off by less than 0. What I have been asked to do is calculate volumes at either 10m or 20m chainages station. Obviously, I can create a boundary, and then shift the civil 3d multiple surface boundaries in dating to where I want the volumes to be, but this road is 3km long, resulting in calculating different volumes.

However, when contours are shown, the flat bottom is shown with contours jig-jagging all over the place. Mar 19, Is there a way I can sort the columns in the dashboard alphabetically? What is the reason for this difference in z levels? The problem i am having is getting the corridor to apply to a future surface so that i can determine the volume difference.

Defines the outer boundary of the surface; all triangles inside it are visible and all triangles that are outside it, are invisible. Calculating the volume by hand I get cu. Pond Volumes Calculation Jul 24, I have a manure storage pond that I am trying to figure out the total storage volume for.

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Is it just an unavoidable glitch in the program? A data clip boundary does not affect the visible part of the surface, but acts as a filter on all data, such as points and breaklines added to the surface after the creation of data clip.

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Calculating Volumes With Out Of Date Surfaces May 9, I have been provided a file with a surface, however I have not been provided with the point files referenced to define the surface.

Jun 7, I have sevreal corridors with various spurs. Create two new surfaces I called mine Flat and Steep and paste the original surface into both of them and then change the style of the original surface to a No Display style.

I created another surface TIN volume and set the base surface as the existing surface and the comparison surface as the surface created from the grading but again could get no quantities. Is there a way to calculate volumes with an out of date surface?

Read on for more information. The outer boundary may be affected by subsequent edit operations, such as Add Breaklines. A template was not used to create the channel surface, breaklines and gradings were used.

Volumes Of A Stockpile By Elevation Feb 23, I have a few vary large stockpile that i need to get volumes of the stockpile at 1 meter intervals- is there a quick way of doing this, other then finding the area of each elevation and calculating the volumes.

You can use the surface definition to switch between multiple outer boundaries.

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In the following image, you can see that there are areas of the surface that are simply too steep for the contour labels to show up correctly. I am trying to calculate the amount of material required to be cut when creating a flat bottom ditch.

The effects of a boundary can be wholly or partially overridden by a subsequent boundary.

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When I use volume tools to see what the quantities are, it says 0. The surface definition displays the numerical ID and a list of vertices for each boundary. The top was created with survey data and grading groups; the bottom was created using contour data only.

Civil 3d surface boundary

I've got a composite surface that graphically shows me the elevation bands so I can see the areas that are greater than 15 feet but I'm not sure how to quantify the volumes. What is the fastest and most efficient way to get this volume?

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I have a question concernig a wrong result of computed volume. You may need to move the Add Boundary operation to the bottom of the list to achieve the expected result. This is a different pay item, with greater cost so we need to quantify it. I did try to accomplish this using surface masks but you can only add one hide mask to any surface.

An outer boundary created using non-destructive breaklines: Calculating Volumes Between 2 Elevations Nov 20, We have a good size channel and the section for the channel varies quite a bit. As a result, when I try to calculate the quantities in the volume dashboard using a volume surface, I get the error that the surface is out of date.

When you create boundaries, you specify whether they use arc tessellation and non-destructive breaklines. I do not want it compared to any other surface such as existing ground. Change the style of the Flat surface to display the dense contours and then copy that style and have it only display the major contours and assign that style to the steep surface.

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The trick is to use multiple surfaces. The hand calc gets me Surfaces may be selected as boundaries when the Hide boundary type and the Non-destructive breakline options are both selected.

When I ID points which makes up the surface it gives me the correct Z level e. You can add more than one data clip boundary to a surface.

My concern is since the two surfaces do not meet along the edges which will cause the math to be off. If the original surface changes, the Flat and Steep surfaces will both change dynamically you may have to adjust the boundaries manually though.

If there are surface TIN lines that you want to remove from the surface, then use the Delete Line operation. A boundary affects the visibility of the surface triangles inside it.

When I add a point at the level I require If you have a different way of doing this or can see of some way I can improve on this, please let me know by leaving a comment.

Normally you just click the title in these windows to toggle the way it sorts it, but you cannot do that with this tool. The full surface remains intact.

Volumes Along An Alignment Mar 13, I am trying to find an easy way of calculating the volumes I have been asked to do.