How Safe is Claremont McKenna College? Learn About Campus Crime Ratings How Safe is Claremont McKenna College? Learn About Campus Crime Ratings

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Socially, it is so ridiculously easy to make friends. Traditions Many incoming freshmen participate in W.

Guiding Principles

It made me more interested in going to this school, and I love how well-organized the program was. Campus life Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum hosts more than one hundred dinner and lecture events with speakers each year, serving as the college's central intellectual and social hub.

Noise levels are more manageable, and tend to be quiet during much of the week and in the days leading up to thesis, and loud from Thursday to Saturday. In addition, the student apartments sit on the East edge of campus, and are occupied primarily by seniors.

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At noon on the due dates of senior theses, the students turn in their theses to the registrar, after which they are given a bottle of who is brian mcknight dating 2018 by the registrar.

Admission and financial aid Admission to CMC is highly selective.

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It features campus news, opinion and lifestyle articles. All Robert Day Scholars are provided significant scholarship support and participate in a variety of co-curricular activities, including networking trips and private dinners with prominent guest speakers.

Inthe college eliminated loans from its financial aid packages, meeting every student's demonstrated need with grants.

The small classes makes learning so much more interesting; trust me, sitting around a table with 15 other people and talking about government or philosophy is super enjoyable. Although originally a newspapers, The Forum is now solely an online news source funded in part by the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College.

Claremont Hall, completed inis the newest dormitory with space for students. Founded as a men's college inCMC became co-educational in In addition there are over 3, faculty and staff and more than 2, courses available. I love this place more than words can describe.

Students who are not on a sports team must complete three semesters of non-credit physical education classes. The Joint Science Department offers a double year-long introductory science class [3] to allow more flexibility than the former 3 year-long introductory biology, chemistry, and physics courses that most science majors must complete.

Can High Reported Crime Be A Good Sign?

Everyone is so friendly and outgoing, you really have to try to not make any. Benson, founding president — Howard R.

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Undergraduate Scholars, representing a variety of majors, pursue courses in economics, accounting, finance, and psychology, and upon completion, have the Robert Day Scholars designation noted on their transcript.

Until recently, half the apartments were reserved for men and half for women, and apartments were allotted based on credits.

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Ducey Gymnasium has been slated for a complete overhaul beginning inwith new fitness facilities including a weight and cardio room overlooking Zinda Field.

Each floor has a common area and a large shared bathroom, and there is an all-dorm lounge area on the ground floor. It really encourages others to become leaders in their community. Whether it's in a sport, in student government, in the Rose institute, in event planning, in KLI, there is something for everyone to get involved and active.

The school is everything I want and more.

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Research institutes CMC sponsors eleven different on-campus research institutes and centers. The Kravis Leadership Institute has the highest funding to value added ratio.

Each trip is led by current students and a member of the faculty or alumni. Apartment dwellers do not get the maid service of the dorms, but they do get a cable hookup, which the dorms don't have.

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It is a tradition for students to get ponded thrown into one of the two fountains located on campus by their peers on their birthday. Another popular option for off-campus study is the Washington Program, in which students complete a full-time internship while taking government courses taught by CMC professors in Washington at night.

CMC admits students on a need-blind basis and guarantees to meet the financial need of all its students. Its student publications include the following: Student journalism CMC attracts many students with an interest in journalism, many of whom go on to careers in professional journalism.

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The student to faculty ratio is 9: The college, which operates on a semester system, has 12 academic departments, 10 research institutes and 32 majors, the most popular of which are economics, government, psychology, and international relations. Stark Hall, the newest of the South Quad dorms, is substance-free.

Nearly half of CMC students study abroad. Options have included backpacking, camping, and rock-climbing at Yosemite, canoeing down the Colorado River, and beach camping at Catalina Island.

It's kind of ridiculous, but CMC is ridiculous, and I love it so much. Many of its first students were war veterans attending college on the G. According to a PayScale report, CMC ranked first among all liberal arts colleges in the nation for highest starting salary. Students enjoy getting to know their professors at wine and cheese receptions and formal dinners preceding lectures.

In north quad, every room opens to the outdoors instead of opening to an interior hallway.

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In recent years, the class president has provided the champagne. CMC's Mid Quad is home to Beckett, Berger and Phillips Halls, which feature long interior corridors, double and single rooms, large shared-bathroom facilities, and all-dorm lounge areas.

It is located south of Sixth Street at Brooks Avenue. About forty percent of CMC students major in either government or economics.

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They must also achieve proficiency in a foreign language, which they can do by passing a proficiency test or by completing the third semester of the language.

The college focuses primarily on undergraduate education, but in it established the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance, which offers a masters program in finance.

The facility offers locker-rooms, offices, restrooms, an adjacent parking lot and a "championship court". This 26 year tradition was suspended in Garrison Theater Student life revolves around the colleges as they interact socially and also share seven dining halls, four main libraries, and other facilities spread throughout the campuses.