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Unlike the factory pipes, performance exhaust pipes provide optimum flow rate because they are much larger in diameter and lack the kinks and bends of 1ogos online dating systems.

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There are very, very few instances with the Porsche line in which a bolt-on aftermarket part on a stock engine makes real power. Where aspirations are natural Posts: Cold air intake Aftermarket air intake systems are among the most common and least expensive methods to increase horsepower.

Keep in mind that a cold air intake may not make any difference to a turbocharged engine. Compressing the air makes it more oxygen-dense, allowing the engine to add more fuel to the oxygen in the pistons, thereby increasing the output. As a result, aftermarket exhausts address this problem by allowing exhaust gases to flow more freely — cold air intakes online dating catalytic converters are often straight pipes from the front to the exhaust, eliminating any drag along the way — which decreases the back pressure generated, giving you the oomph you crave.

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No surprise the These engines are already in need of more air and so usually come equipped with their own intake systems. The conical filter can now breathe the air beneath the engine, which is cooler than the air being brought in by the stock air box.

It is a simple bolt-on kit that consists of a conical air filter fixed onto a metal inlet pipe.

Horsepower Upgrades

There seem to be threads on this forum almost on a weekly basis touting the latest bolt-on part that makes a bunch of power, because at the factory they don't know how to design select one airboxes, intakes, headers, mufflers, etc.

Aftermarket exhaust Stock exhaust systems restrict the flow of engine exhaust, which robs the vehicle of both output and fuel economy. When it is installed, the inlet pipe starts from the top of the engine and makes its way down to the outside of the engine bay, and the conical air filter is fixed onto the lower end of the pipe.

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This is why the setup is called the cold air intake system. How does this airbox produce colder air than the factory airbox when it's in the exact same place as the factory airbox and draws its airflow from the exact same place as factory? All amounts of money are in U.

In many applications, forced induction systems can add more than horsepower from the stock setup. Horsepower is a lot like money.

Cold Air Intake

You can never have too much of it, but if you don't use it wisely, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble. However, if you are adding a turbocharger to your engine, remember to give it lots of air with the addition of a cold air intake.

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Sound will be improved. Most of the these options are available from a broad spectrum of sources ranging from auto dealerships, performance-tuning shops and independent online distributors.

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Typical gains are in the range of 5 to 20 horsepower. But when you're ripping down a country road the parts that are touched by the intake airstream are quickly cooled to almost the same temp as the intake air stream. Without a tune there is likely no material benefit and risk outweighs any power gain possibility.

Add a new chip and some NOS and you'll get a serious boost Originally Posted by Churchill Total horse excrement.


Whereas, in the supercharged engine the compressor is driven by a belt that connects directly to the engine. Cool air is denser in oxygen molecules than warmer air, resulting in a more powerful combustion when mixed with fuel. In the turbochargerthe hot air from the exhaust manifold spins a turbine, which runs the air compressor.

Sure, when you're sitting in a traffic jam on a hot summer day all those parts experience heat soak. Just make sure all engine modifications that you make are street legal and certified by your state's regulatory board. Also, a car engine, at speed, moves a great deal of air.