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He still loves her and wants to protect her. Every one of us is sad to see Colin Woodell go, but we felt like that was the best story. Our goal was to create a complicated, layered person who was put in many dilemmas in terms of his loyalty to the pack. Nobody on our show has an easy go of it for the rest of the episodes.

Davina Danielle Campbell gave Marcel Charles Michael Davis the dagger she spelled to take down Klaus, and the Original hybrid watched as all his siblings and loved ones literally stabbed him with it, taking him down for the count in the time his family needs his violent ways the most.

This [exit] was really tough; we felt this one in the room. So, like with any death you arrive at it, you debate it, and if it's right, that's what you have to do. CW "There is an argument to be made that Josh, as a vampire, would have lost Aiden dating timeline for adults no matter what," Narducci says.

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There is no "other side" in this show because it was dissolved on The Vampire Diarieslast season. This is going to put the people we care about in the most jeopardy we've ever seen.

We're shooting the finale right now How Josh is going to grieve his lost love Check out Nina's photos from her big TVD goodbye party! So, our goal is to make the drama count by making these deaths as permanent as they can be on this show.

All those things are Mikaelson-centric. They're never going to let that happen, so they're going to stand up to someone who is the most powerful thing we've ever seen in this universe. Him being an ambitious person and questioning the leadership of his own friend led him to be vulnerable to Klaus and his own Faustian machinations.

When did you decide to kill off Aidan? I think they're reeling with the loss of the guy who was, in effect, the vice president, the top lieutenant, the most trusted No.

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Marcel has some very difficult scenes coming up, and he has to decide what part he wants to play in all of this. Finally, who should we be most worried about for the remainder of the season?

Everyone of us loves Aidan and everyone of us is sad to see Collin Woodell go because he's such an incredible actor and a beautiful performer and a star in the making.

Are Davina and Rebekah still working to resurrect Kol?

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Dahlia Claudia Black murdered Aiden and framed Klaus Joseph Morgan for the kill, knowing it would set Mikealson against Mikaelson, weakening their bond and lessening their threat against her. Who is going to live and who is going to die? At the same time, clearly she had strong feelings for Elijah for a very long time.

All these story points collided in a way that it seemed like it would be the thing that would happen even though everyone in that room loves Aiden. Freya is the female Klaus! Klaus went along with the charade to inspire fear in everyone, but it ultimately led to his demise: We know he has a rule about protecting kids and we know he has a fierce loyalty to the Mikaelsons and especially Rebekah.

I think it's very believable Klaus would do it, and it's very telling that in that moment that Jackson completely believes he did it. We had a bunch of different storylines planned, and I think that this one was really tough.

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If there is any hope for these people it comes from that, [and] we will make that story manifest in the finale. Over the course of preparing for that marriage, I think she found herself having legitimate feelings that this could be the right thing, and over the course of the next episodes, we're going to see where that relationship is going and how far both of them are willing to go to stand up for one another.

It's going to get bad. Finn has been ejected from Vincent's body and Freya keeps him in a little necklace.

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Was this always the ending you had planned for him? But there's an argument to be made that Josh, as a vampire, would've lost Aidan no matter what, and it goes back to vampires being immortal. Some choices will have to be made for him that I would call impossible choices. We talked about one of them being captured and the other risking everything to save him.

We all know if Elijah is someone whose principle focus is family above all, it's very difficult to be in love with the woman who is the mother of his brother's child. How will he react next week?

Being an ambitious person and questioning the leadership of his own friend led him to be vulnerable to Klaus.

What is coming up for Cami and Marcel who have both been a bit sidelined? You haven't seen the last of Klaus. That is the million dollar question everyone is struggling with. Hayley made a decision to marry Jackson because it's the right thing to do for her child and it's the right thing to do for the people she cares about.

It hurt even worse since during the whole episode, we watched as these two boyfriends professed their love for each other and made plans to run away together.

If Dahlia is smart, then she could use someone's death the way that she says she's going to use Aiden's death as the kindling to light a fire that divides the Mikealsons.

Who is going to be changed forever? So can the Original siblings take down Dahlia without Klaus' help?

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We knew off the bat we wanted to tell a beautiful Romeo and Juliet story between Josh, a vampire, and [Aidan], a werewolf. CW Oh, The Originals. If you're a witch and you die, your body is consecrated and you could go into what we call the ancestral spirit well. She is the one person who has been able to understand him and sympathize with him and show him forgiveness he craves, but can never admit.

On a show where death isn't necessarily the end, how much weight should we give these deaths? It is chilling what is going on because that child is certainly in danger and could be taken.

Nobody is thinking, "Well he was clearly framed. Do the siblings believe they can take on Dahlia without him? We talked about them running off together. In the final seconds But we felt like that was the best story. How TVD totally ruined our night CW The writers know that fans are going to take this casualty hard, since they had a hard time letting go of Aiden as well.

They had romance and love and beauty.