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But in the 20th century this all changed, with young people deciding they wanted to be in charge of their own domestic destinies. What does that have to do with my life?

All this data is from a dating site. This data forces all of us to examine how others view us and how our own internal racial biases cause us to view others.

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Unfortunately, daters are not more open-minded than they used to be. Written by Christian Rudder. Cash-rich, time-poor professionals who already do everything from shop to socialise online, now see a search engine as the obvious gateway to love.

Trying to rent an apartment. In Five years ago, the basics of race and attraction on OkCupid looked like this: But can something as nebulous as everlasting love really be found via a computer chip?

While this data is specific to daters, it is in line with trends within our society as a whole. One interesting thing is to compare what you see above with what those same users have told us about their racial attitudes.

But do such sites really have a scientific basis? Professor John Cacioppo, who led the study, said the sheer number of available potential partners online could be among the reasons for the results.

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Many companies go further. These numbers reflect different people year-to-year. Matchmakers were viewed as hook-nosed crones from Fiddler on the Roof or pushy Mrs Bennet at the Pemberley ball. This article folds in person-to-person interactions, what one individual human being thinks of another.

In some ways, no. This data sparks a couple questions. This might say more about the cultural biases passed down in our society than individuals within it.

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The biases shown in this data tell us about how individuals in our society factor in race when interacting with other individuals. There are dedicated websites for every religion, for the unhappily married, for the beautiful — where existing members decide if you merit joining their ranks — the overweight, Oxbridge graduates, country lovers — not to mention Telegraph readers dating.

And that goes beyond just dating. My message is no one is perfect so this is a futile endeavour.

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Here are the numbers from — — view each graph below to move through time. Answers to match questions have been getting significantly less biased over time: While we hope to help daters look beyond appearance and connect on a deeper level, there is an evident trend showing that race is a factor for many individuals, and in a consistent way.

The researchers interviewed 20, people who had married between and But since when the first online dating site was launched, the tables have completely turned.