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Now, the American head of programming wanted new local Arabic comedy.

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Come on, you got to drop the act. Yes, I read your play. OpenSubtitles en Perhaps you can go to the Prater before the play.

La commedia canadese ha effetti devastanti.

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Il capo programmazione americano voleva una commedia araba locale nuova. I trust it only happened in the play. Non potrai partecipare alle repliche della commedia. So I guess l should commedia drammatica yahoo dating seen your play.

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OpenSubtitles en I have faith in your plays. I hope that you'll be able to read my play unbiased. OpenSubtitles en Does he know that--that you cry when you watch comedies? Europarl8 en We would like to protest over the farce played out here yesterday in the Hemicycle, when the Commission came to seek the support of the European Parliament to back its misappropriation of funds.

OpenSubtitles en You know, he's been in some of the biggest comedies in the past decade, but his com mitment to the Whirlwind Initiative is no laughing matter.

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Potreste andare al Prater prima della commedia. The effects of the Canadian comedy are far-reaching indeed. OpenSubtitles en Or I am going to spend the entire final act of this play in full conversation with whoever in the front row, wants to join in with me the most!

That's the mask of comedy and drama. La sua commedia l'ho letta tre volte.

You're talking about a whole different direction for the play. Ho scritto una commedia ogni anno negli ultimi 20 anni. OpenSubtitles en See, to me, stand-up comedy is such a sad thing.

OpenSubtitles en People always ask me why I like romantic comedies so much.

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OpenSubtitles en I love that play! Confido sia successo solo nella commedia. Helen, the play is not working. OpenSubtitles en Oh, yes, well, did you like the play? This is a play we're both in.

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I read your play three times. Forza, smettila di fare la commedia. And I've written one play every year for the past 20 years. Darebbe tutt'altra direzione alla commedia.

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OpenSubtitles en " You've got mail " is a great rom-com. This is a major part in a serious play. You won't be able to finish the run of the play. They're just putting on an act to protect me. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

OpenSubtitles en Would you ever believe you'd love a show called Springtime for Hitler?

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Hanno solo inscenato una commedia per proteggermi. I'm taking him to see Vivien's play on Thursday. I guess he must've gotten the part in that play. OpenSubtitles en I like a melodrama, a musical comedy with a plot.

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