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Bob's warehouse guys flirt with me all the time. Two Martinis and you haven't flirted with me once. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

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You don't have to flirt with her first, genius. Believe it or not some people actually do flirt once and a while. Go down there, flirt, find out why she changed her mind on the motion. I shouldn't have flirted with Maxwell. We talked, we flirted.

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Al cerrar la venta, C. You banter and-- and you flirt and you razz each other and you flip your hair and you giggle and you wiggle your boobs at him. Well, um, okay, I flirted with him. So, you can play cards and flirt with all the adoring ladies.

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Well, you used Hope to flirt with Jimmy. Aunque no lo creas, algunas personas flirtean. Tuve que flirtear con ella para que Neal pudiera acercarse al objetivo. Nunca me he tirado, ni flirteado, ni comprometido, ni me he casado con ninguna.

Dos Martinis y no has flirteado conmigo ni una sola vez.

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She doesn't dare say I came down to flirt with her. Nunca hubiera flirteado con Darcy si no estuvieras metido en mi cabeza I would have never even flirted with Darcy if you weren't in my head all the time.

Ha habido mujeres casadas que flirtearon conmigo. So on the way back to the airport, I flirted with a woman We met at the hotel. No, Abbs, I called to flirt. We spoke for a while Casi echo en falta que flirteen conmigo. And remember, the countess is very strict about this - never flirt with chambermaids: You picked one out, didn't you, and said it was the guy who flirted with you in the park.

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No tienes que flirtear con ella antes, genio. No me gusta verte flirtear con Lauren. The truth is that she let you flirt with her. If you care anything There will always be women in rubber flirting with me.

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She's supposed to be flirty with the guests. You can flirt with someone to get what you want And also be attracted to them.

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So I flirted with Pete. No me gusta que flirtee con Haley.

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I wanted him to want me, I mean, we flirt and stuff, but when I ask her on a date, bubkes. I've never used a baby to flirt with women.

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Y recuerde, la condesa es muy estricta con esto Eric rodriguez flirted with me. Just let him flirt with her.

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Ahora ve a flirtear con Sarah. He says they both flirted with the victim, and then his friend Anders went off with her. Just go flirt with the critic.

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Don't you think I know why you flirt with me and why you hold my hand? Well, you know, my dentist's receptionist always flirts with me. Now, if you so much as flirt with her, I will remove your arms.

She basically flirts with anything that moves.

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I-I kind of miss being flirted with. I swear she flirted with me last time she was at the gallery. Bueno, usaste a Hope para flirtear con Jimmy.