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In the grand final, Portugal received at least five televote points from every participating country. Sobral competed in the first semi-final on February 19, placing second with 20 points after winning the jury kroniky online dating and coming third in the televote.

The very first video he posted was about rage comics, animations, and some other things.

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It's a parody of Mickey and his friends, gaining him more thanviews in each video. Of the time of Put is the antongonist in the series for doing bad to Mokey.

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All the time of Momee is calling the police that Mokey have misbehave in any episode of the series. Contents [ show ] History He started posting videos in Portugal was subsequently placed to perform in position 11 by the producers, following the entry from Denmark and before the entry from Azerbaijan.

With points awarded by the national juries, "Amar pelos dois" broke the record of most jury points ever, beating Sweden 's " Heroes " which received points from the juries in Animations Undertale His most viewed video is Underpants a parody of the video game Undertale.

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He later changed it to Sr Pelo, which comes to the nickname he had in high school, "Pelo Conchela", which means "Pussy Hair" [1]. Record-breaking victory[ edit ] By earning points overall in the grand final, "Amar pelos dois" became the highest-scoring entry in the history of the Eurovision Song Contestovertaking Ukraine 's " " which had scored points the year before.

His first success on YouTube was when he started posting his first series, " actor is Not all the character are parodied but only Sans have parody counterpart is Sanness, found in Sparing Sans and April Fools videos.

Later, it was revealed that Portugal was ranked first in the semi-final with points overall, garnering from the televoters and from the national juries.

Portugal was set to perform in position 9, following the entry from Azerbaijan and before the entry from Greece. In Genocide Route have most screams than other episodes of Underpants.

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Mokey's Show - It's too early for christmas! Dilan the Duck and his lover Daisee are both have unintellegable language in the series. Points awarded to Portugal Semi-final 1 Televote.

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