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The bus station is just under a kilometre from the town centre, along the road to Sapa, on the left.

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Inside the cave, there are colorful stalagmites and a perennial stream which create an ethereal atmosphere with any visitors coming. An attraction history lovers would surely appreciate is the Tuc Dup Hill.

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Que es vandalos yahoo dating tourist destination is considered a local pilgrimage site because the mountain is home to many shrines and temples and there is a colourful temple at the base, and smaller places of worship on the way up the mountain.

About the attractive places, Tien Son Cave is the most significant name. The best time to visit Chau Doc is during the dry season, a time when tourists will not be inconvenienced by rainy weather.

For currency exchange, the best place to go to is the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel. The mountain is not really high, it just seems that way because of the plains of Mekong. Book a flight, train, bus, taxi or ferry in Vietnam with Baolau From: Here, you can meet the locals coming from many ethnic minorities like Thai, Dao and experience a day of them with many interesting and memorable moments in their colorful markets and festivals.

One is served with mouth-watering hot pots, soups and fresh seafood fare and the canh chua sweet and sour soup and ca kho to stewed fish in clay pot are highly recommended.

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This is where most local products and commodities are sold. Sin Ho Village is also another interesting place for you to have a new way to explore Lai Chau. The idyllic spot is located about two kilometres from town, on the way to the famous Sam Mountain. It is one of the best places to get fresh produce from the region.

Bay Bong and Bassac Restaurant. Local buses depart and arrive from the station a few kilometres north in Le Loi. Chau Doc Shopping Like other rural areas in Vietnam, Chau Doc has a floating market where one can find almost anything.

The area has a large number of ethnic minorities, and new roads have made the mountain-top village of Sinh Ho a good destination for a day trip, or a a stop-off on the way through. The post office is across the street from the bank, a bit down the hill.

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Ad Visit the Mekong Delta and experience the waterways first hand. In the aforementioned Victoria Hotel, there is a rooftop spa and there are massage therapies that last for less than an hour, which is perfect for tourists who do not have a lot of time in their hands.

This is where the U. Take note that power outages are very common in Lai Chau—. The latter is upscale compared to the former, but both serve exceptional dishes which are enough reason to try them. Those who prefer a more sophisticated dining experience should head on over to the Victoria Chau Duc Hotelwhere the Bassac Restaurant is located.

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The Tan Chau Salon bar is one of the nicest places to visit after a day of sightseeing. The wide selection of goods sold in this market is impressive. Each floating 'store' has a long pole that shows a sample of the vendor's wares.

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The province is the most sparsely populated in Vietnam. Couples who are interested in a nightcap can go to Gio Dong. The scenery of Lai Chau province is some of the most spectacular scenery you can see in the far northwest of Vietnam. The spa is open from Chau Doc Nightlife Chau Doc is a sleepy town, and locals usually retire to bed early.

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This dance hall, which is a local favourite, has an entrance fee which is inclusive of one drink. Most boats sell an assortment of fruit and vegetables. Chau Doc Activities Everyone who visits Chau Doc must go on a boat trip and an experience in this town would not be complete without it.

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Lai Chau is a northwestern province of Vietnam and be considered as a remote area with ethnic minorities and unique natural scenes. The best time to go on a boat trip is in the early morning, so that one can catch the river market. There are those that offer silk products, such as clothes and bags while others sell local embroidery, while there are some that hawk handicrafts and antiques.

For people who want more than a drink to end their night, An Tuong 2 is the place to go.