Consolidating international financial statements, what is consolidated financial statement?

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For example, all the expenses incurred for the operations of PPC Company is separate from MNC Company; but in the consolidated statement, all the expenses of both of these companies will be recorded. This consolidated statement will help the investors understand the big picture of the company.

While preparing the consolidated statement, it should be taken into account that the date of reporting consolidating international financial statements financial statements of the parent company and of subsidiary companies is same.

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Non-controlling interests should be mentioned within the equity of the consolidated balance sheet, but it consolidating international financial statements be reported separately from the equity stockholders of the parent company.

From the name itself, we can guess that the financial statement we are talking about here is not of one company. For example, company A buys goods for one price and sells them to another company inside the group for another price.

The parent company needs to add assets, liabilities, stocks, expenses, and incomes. Lastly, if any parent of this parent company presents the consolidated statements according to the mandate of International Financial Reporting Standards IFRSthen it would not be necessary for this parent to present any consolidated statements for public use.

First, non-controlling interests for the subsidiaries in the profit and loss would be identified. And legally they have a separate entity.

Goodwill arising on consolidation[ edit ] Goodwill is treated as an intangible asset in the consolidated statement of financial position.

While preparing the consolidated income statement, if the revenue of the parent company is the expense of the subsidiary; it should be completely removed.

If the reporting period of the subsidiary companies is different than the parent company, then the necessary adjustments need to be made by the subsidiary company. The adjustments would be in terms of transactions.

Until those goods are sold to an outsider company, the group has unrealised profit. Both of these companies have separate legal entities. Second, whatever portion of equity the parent company has in the subsidiary companies, would not get included in the consolidated balance sheet.

While identifying minority intereststhere are couple things that should be taken care of. This proportion that is related to outside investors is called the non-controlling interest NCI.

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While producing the consolidated statements, the balance sheets of subsidiary companies should be adjusted to the current fair market value of the assets. It arises in cases, where the cost of purchase of shares is not equal to their par value.

If there are any intra group transactions, balances or incomes or expenses, they all would be removed from the consolidated financial statement.

In the next section, we will see how we can format a consolidated financial statement so that the investors understand the direction of a company and its subsidiary.

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Proforma for calculating goodwill is as follows [3]: Non-controlling interest Fair value of NCI at acquisition date Plus NCI's share of post-acquisition retained earnings or other reserves NCI at the reporting date[ edit ] Intra-group trading[ edit ] In a group of companies, they can have trade relations with each other.

Only the parent company's "share capital" account will be included in the consolidated statement. If trading between different companies in one group happen, then the payables of one company will be cancelled by the receivables of another company.

Consolidated Financial Statement | Example | US GAAP & IAS

But for aiding the investors and the shareholders, they would create a consolidated financial statement containing the financial statements of both of these companies in a single statement. And it should also be kept into account that the difference of reporting period between the parent company and subsidiary companies should not be more than three months.

Both of these companies will issue their financial statements separately. According to GAAP, in consolidated statements, equity portions or retained earnings of subsidiary companies should be removed.

The proforma for calculating the NCI is as follows: MNC Company is an electric power supply company and its stocks trade on a stock exchange.

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If the subsidiary is not fully owned, then non-controlling interest should be used. There are two main type of items that cancel each other out from the consolidated statement of financial position.

If the parent company is on the brink of filing its financial statements with security commission for issuing any type of instruments in public market, then it would not be required for the parent company to present consolidated balance sheet.