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Consolidating snapshots windows 7 vmware, vmware disk consolidation unable to access file since it is locked

What is snapshot consolidation? This might happen, for example, if you delete a snapshot but its associated disk does not commit back to the base disk. Consolidating snapshots windows 7 vmware you restore the base snapshot the ten commandments of dating review includes browser a and take a third snapshot to capture browser c and delete the snapshot that contains browser b, you cannot return to the virtual machine state that includes browser b.

We notice that we are now running on a snapshot called vps To prevent snapshot files from merging with the parent snapshot, for example in cases of failed updates or installations, first use the Go to command to restore to a previous snapshot.

Snapshot Consolidation |VMware Communities

In the case of a snapshot this is a -delta file, so it contains the information about vpsdelta. If the consolidation fails, there were no snapshots shown in the Snapshot Manager, but the snapshot files were still being used on the datastore.

Check the Need Consolidation column to verify that the task succeeded. The issues below are advanced and can be fixed with a little work.

VMware Snapshot Overview

Once you know where you can put the new clones you can use the vmkfstools command to clone the VMDK. Deleting snapshots can write much more. In this example we are deleting all snapshots, so click Yes to confirm.

When you delete the base parent snapshot, all changes merge with the base virtual machine disk. The file points to the delta disk files as well. This file does not appear as a separate file in the Datastore Browser but is listed separately when listing the directory contents while consoled to ESXi.

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If you remove a file that contains important data, it could cost thousands of dollars to get a datarecovery company to recover it. The purpose of consolidate is if the snapshot deletion process was not successful. This method works withESXi 4. Quiesce guest file system: This method does not work if the base disks are virtual-mode RDM.

Think of this delta file as a change log, representing the difference between the current state and the state at the time the snapshot was taken.

Consolidating snapshots may be required when: This can be done with the VM on or off, but the clone will only have the data up to when the clone was initiated.

Basic Snapshot Troubleshooting

This was changed from the previous versions where it would commit the snapshots from top to bottom. This means the delta file grows quickly and in theory can grow as large as the virtual disk itself if the guest operating system writes to every block of the virtual disk.

In this article we will touch base on the basic snapshot operations and data safe operations. The virtual machine directory, which includes the disks added or changed after you take the snapshot.

Consolidating snapshots removes redundant disks, which improves virtual machine performance and saves storage space.


Select a vCenter Server host, or cluster and click the Virtual Machines tab. In my current job as an Infrastructure Engineer at VMware, I deal with issues related to snapshot and consolidation on a regular basis.

When this limit is exceeded, the error shown in Fig. This file is named. In a week or so I will go back and remove the file. The more changes that are made within the virtual machine the more data is written to the delta file.

The vSphere Client now shows a Configuration Issue warning in the Summary tab when a virtual machine snapshot consolidation fails.

Figure 8 — Suspending the VM while reverting back from snapshot The first snapshot taken is referred to as the base parent snapshot.

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The VMware snapshot feature is particularly useful in those scenarios where you want to quickly recover from a failure or simply revert back to a desired state. You can then use the Delete option to remove the snapshot and any associated files.

Do not use a snapshot as a backup. If this operation fails we have to investigate the different types of errors and then troubleshoot further.

With the consolidation option, when you initiate a snapshot deletion, if the snapshot fails to delete, the VM will then generate a warning letting you know that a consolidation is required.

This happens for various reasons. There is also another method that we could use which is using the vim-cmd utility.

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A snapshot of a VM taken after the parent snapshot is called a child snapshot. Type from within the SSH Shell: From vSphere 6 onwards the snapshot consolidation process was improved.

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We will be making use of a watch command and also will dig deeper as well. The two options are: This step applies only to virtual machines that are powered on.

More information on Quiesced snapshots can be found in this KB. Use a snapshot as a short term restore point when performing changes such as updating software versions or for testing software or configuration with unknown effects.

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When initiating a snapshot delete action, the delta disk changes are then written to the base or parent VMDK file and the snapshot is deleted.

Note that none of these options are available, or required for that matter, when a snapshot is taken while the VM is powered off.

This file, which can be viewed in any text editor, contains line entries that define the relationships between snapshots and the child disks for each snapshot.

My policy is to always create a deleteme folder and move the file there.

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We will touch more on this in the advanced troubleshooting. The required time is proportional to the amount of data the virtual machine is writing during consolidation if the virtual machine is powered on.

Consolidate VMware Snapshots

Below we can see the snapshot files and the chain. The other file, vps-Snapshot1. Using the command line to see if a VM has snapshots The best way to determine if a VM is running on a snapshot is to query the VMX file to see what the disk it is has attached.

Snapshot consolidation is useful when snapshot disks fail to compact after a Delete or Delete all operation or if the disk did not consolidate. Different tasks such as reverting from snapshot, deleting snapshots, etc. The time it takes to delete snapshots and consolidate the snapshot files depends on the volume of data that the guest operating system wrote to the virtual disks after you took the last snapshot.

Changes to disks in non-persistent mode are discarded when you power off or reset the virtual machine.