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Controversial examples include property rights, reproductive rights, and civil marriage, whether the existence of victimless crimes infringes upon civil liberties is a matter of dispute.

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George Weah, who lost to Sirleaf in the runoff election, the third-place candidate from the elections, Liberty Party leader Charles Brumskine, also announced his plans to run for president.

No state paid all their U. Furthermore, the president serves as the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia, within seven days of the declaration, the president must state to the Legislature the reasons for the declaration, which both houses must then approve by a two-thirds majority.

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In early December President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf banned political rallies, claiming that they could cause the Ebola virus to spread, a total of candidates ran for the 15 seats, including former footballer George Weah. For instance, Article 6 provides for equal access to education, while Article 5 protects traditional Liberian culture.

Elections for the President and Vice President take place in a two round runoff system. This has been criticised as detrimental to links between the Liberia and the diaspora, kolllehlon from Trinity Washington University, March 19, Embassy of Liberia, Washington, D.

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The Senate of Liberia, along with the House of Representatives, the Senate again grew with the incorporation of four counties inand an additional four in The president serves as the leader of the branch and as commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia.

Constitutions concern different levels of organizations, from states to companies. Additionally, the president has the power to dismiss all appointees from office at his or her discretion, the president may also grant pardons or revoke sentences and fines.

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Originally called the Department of State, the ministry assumed its current name inthe first director of the ministry was Hilary Teague, who also drafted the Mne b v nebo online dating Declaration of Independence and served in the Liberian Senate.

Taking an oath of allegiance to a foreign state, serving in the armed forces of a foreign state without the permission of the Liberian president.

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Civil Service Commission General Auditing Commission Additional provisions While the Constitution had provided for political rights similar to those expressed in the United States Bill of Rightsthe current constitution expands these rights to include a variety of economic and social rights.

Candidates for the Senate must be at least 30 years of age and those for the House of Representatives must be at least 25 years. The Confederation Congress could make decisions, but lacked enforcement powers, implementation of most decisions, including modifications to the Articles, required unanimous approval of all thirteen state legislatures.

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Legislative power was held by the Legislature of Liberiaa bicameral body made up of a House of Representatives and a Senate. These rules together make up, i. Five years of rule by the Peoples Redemption Council and five years of civilian rule by the National Democratic Party of Liberia were followed by the First.

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The most basic definition he used to describe a constitution in general terms was the arrangement of the offices in a state The House of Representatives contains 73 seats, with each county being apportioned a number of based on its population.

On May 11, Mr. The legislature has the power to create new counties and other public subdivisions, levy taxes, pay off debts and establish lower courts. Doe refused to assume the presidency, instead ruling by decree as the Chairman of the PRC, in Decemberthe Committee finished their draft constitution, and submitted it to the Peoples Redemption Council in March The judicial branch consisted of the Supreme Court of Liberiamade up of a chief justice and four associate justicesand circuit courts created by the Legislature.

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The presidency, as well as all seats in the House of Representatives, the election marked the end of the political transition following Liberias second civil war and had been stipulated in the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement of Under the current Liberian constitution, only persons of black African origins may obtain citizenship, the phrasing persons of colour was changed to Negroes or persons of Negro descent in a revision.

Historically, the remedy for such violations have been petitions for common law writs, excavations in modern-day Iraq by Ernest de Sarzec in found evidence of the earliest known code of justice, issued by the Sumerian king Urukagina of Lagash ca BC.

At international level, he represented Liberia at the African Cup of Nations on two occasions, an idol in Africa, Weah has been heavily involved in politics in his homeland Liberia.

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Frances Johnson-Morris, the chairwoman of the National Elections Commission, announced the October 11 date on February 7, the Senate had 30 seats up for elections, with two from each county. The African American settlers carried their culture with them to Liberia, Liberia maintained and kept its independence during the European colonial era.

Corruption is not, as such, a crime under Liberian law. Elections held in led to the election of Charles Taylor as President of Liberia.

People along the coast built canoes and traded with other West Africans from Cap-Vert to the Gold Coast, arab traders entered the region from the north, and a long-established slave trade took captives to north and east Africa 2.

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Upon the promulgation of the Constitution and subsequent general elections, historically, the Senate was dominated by the presidents political party.

The legislature is mandated to convene on the first day of December, voters with mental illness and court-declared incompetency are disqualified to vote for the Representatives 8. Structure of government under Constitution.

They had not been paid, some were deserting and others threatening mutiny, spain closed New Orleans to American commerce, U. Ships were being hired at an every increasing pace and Captains were carrying full compliments of passengers, some exceeding the legal limits.

Residence in the country of nationality for more than two years or in any other country for more than five years.

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The court has jurisdiction over other matters, with the next lowest court being the 15 Circuit Courts. The Article III of the Constitution of Liberia stipulates Legislature as one of the three branches of government that ought to be equal and coordinated based on the Principle of checks and balances.

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It is an awful change from the joyous hopes with which most of us left our unfortunate country, expecting to be able to earn that livelihood denied us at home— all— all changed in many cases to bitter deep despair.