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Coonan 357 magnum compensated dating, .357 magnum compensated – stainless

Sharp April 17,9: Few people will ever use it. On page 3 or 4 of the manual it says do not fire.

Coonan Arms Classic .357 Magnum 1911 Pistol

Floyd Richard Moss January 10,7: He said you only need 4 rounds in your collection. Thanks DAN, Great firearm!!! They the range officer and the guy complaining said that it shot a rifle bullet so I had to take it to the rifle range.

The 38 Super is a boutique round. Below that it says the brake in is to rounds.

Then take a spring coonan 357 magnum compensated dating of another 30rd. Next year comes the compact cadet model. I saw that same episode several times before I was able to get your name, dept.

I online dating gone wrong smosh anthony a Coonan Classic. The 45ACP gr hardball round is a more devastating round than a of the Super 38 loads. Only Coonan make a in. This should only cost 20 bucks.

You got your self a rd mag for a 6. Dan W will have to go rest a spell, but not forgotten. Nobody reinvented the wheel with the 38 Super round. I hope this was of help. My mdl B likes American Eagleand not Winchester. After the break in it will fire.

I recently found these http: I have been a Pierce County Deputy Sheriff since This gun coonan 357 magnum compensated dating me to have a semiautomatic and not have to add a new round to my collection. Dorian Jones March 26, The great weapons makers know the term expert is a bone head way to quit thinking.

I was working at Coonan Arms at that time, and worked on that gun, so I had an interest in your experience with it. I know how to make a 30rd — 40rd 6. If the new ones are as good, no reason not to buy one.

They will have to be made by taking a couple 6. I always wanted to contact you to find out how you liked your Coonan. Repeat this proccess until you are happy with how many rds can fit in the new magazine. Probably the AR Spring for a 40rd magazine.

My father was one of those survival nuts.

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After a short time he scowled at me and then complained to the range officer about my gun. With lighter ammo it comes close to the power of the magnum but when you start shootingor grain ammo the sig struggles. After welding your bigger and better Magazine housing together, sand down all ruff edges making it look good for paint.

Extended mags would be great too! He said you need 1 big game hunting round, 1 self defense hand gun ammo, 1 plinking ammo and 1 type of shot gun.

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I own many magnums, Infact it is one of only 4 rounds I shoot even though I have nearly 20 guns now. Whatever will work better!

I got the night sights on my Coonan because I carry it concealed in my Crossbread Supertuck I bought for my Colt Save yourself a grand. I like the pistol but wish it had a better slide to frame fit how was the frame to slide fit on your test gun.

Coonan Arms Classic Magnum Pistol - GunsAmerica Digest

I found out what my Coonan was worth, so I had to retire it; but it was the best handgun I have ever owned and even fired. In the world of handguns, large calibers win gunfights. Especially being in Vietnam you should know how to take apart clips at the bottom of the mag the spring and the follower and then simply weld on the other 6.

I have a snoopy target in my back yard that I shot for several years with no denting at all. I have never shot a louder pistol in my life.

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He should take his own advice. I would take a magnum over a 10mm for hunting because of the Sectional density. He shot 1 round and gave it back to me! The 38 Super was the answer for those wanting. And it can be concealed, heavy but concealed.

I fail to see the AWW factor when these guys did it for a pistol.

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The fact that the bore size shares nomenclature with the. First and foremost, the 38 Super is lower caliber.

Always a headturner at the range along with my LAR Mk 1 45win. I would say the top end magnum ammo in a semiautomatic is at least as good as a 10mm from semiautomatics with the same length barrel.

I will let you know how the pistol function and its accuracy. This is not just my opinion.

New from Coonan: Automatic with Compensator - The Truth About Guns

That way they would have a weapon that shoots a rimless cartrige, and could be made more like a without the angled clip and outher issues with this gun. I hope they release a 6 inch barrel for hunting with it.

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I unfortunatley never got this opportunatly to hunt with my Grampa! Now waiting for my new Classic. Never any fails to function owned since new, also with.