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Most also come with audio and sample sentences. Our publishing partners selection: Phase6 classic Premium is available as auto-renewing subscription with a length of 3 or 12 monthes.

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Inscrivez-vous gratuitement Description de l'appli The Corneseln Word Trainer helps you learn the words that you really need! Create individual exam training packages for yourself and select the words you want to train from specific chapters or pages of your Cornelsen textbook.

The Word Trainer is available for the following Cornelsen textbooks: The app is based on the learner's current state of knowledge. Teachers, student teachers, and lecturers can use the premium features free of charge.

More difficult vocabulary is repeated more frequently than that which the learner already knows well.

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The vocabulary sets are coordinated with the textbooks and are organised by chapter and page numbers. This method is scientifically proven and has received several awards. The Word Trainer is a clever and simple way to learn English, French, Spanish, Latin or German as a foreign language — on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you go.

These can be used for free with the vocabulary sets you create yourself.

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For more information about phase6, please visit: It provides you with the most important vocabulary from your Cornelsen textbook.

It helps you remember and fully integrate new words into your vocabulary by training and revising them in cycles, which are individually calculated by the intelligent SuperMemo-Algorithm.

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The app's features are extended with premium: Every word in the app comes with an audio recording so that you can practice your pronunciation and learn new words even more effectively. The vocabulary trainer is used by children, adolescents and adults alike, is implemented in secondary schools and universities, and has been recommended by teachers at more than 7, schools.

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That way you can expand your vocabulary and store new words in your long term memory according to your individual knowledge and self-evaluation. The premium features can be tested free of charge and with no obligation for 7 days after registration.

Start learning vocabulary in a playful manner now to achieve the best results in your next test. This helps you personalize your training course and memorize new words in a fun and playful way.