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She asked Mavis if she'd enjoyed her time in Paris. Alec found his daughter Sandra, and she was absolutely minted. Deirdre told her to butt out then stormed off corrie brian dating the Recorder to tell Ken and Wendy Crozier that she wanted her half of the paper.

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It corrie brian dating be Mike after Alma's money. Yes, I know I stuck a screengrab of it up there, but if I had to suffer through it, so can you.

Deirdre said she'd give up her half of the Recorder in exchange for the house, which would mean he'd have to flog the paper.

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The unhappiest house of all was number 1, where Ken told Deirdre he couldn't decide between her and Wendy Crozier, and asked if she could just hang on while he had a think. The beef between the Roberts and the McDonalds shifted into a new gear, as Alf demanded payment from them for a new shop window.

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He was furious and felt hard done by, as is usual for Don Brennan. Or if you're Alec Gilroy, time heliodorus aethiopica online dating dwell on the futility of existence and the inevitable slide toward the grave.

Sandra turned up for the candlelight supper, but refused the smoked salmon, and told Alec she didn't want to know. Unsurprisingly she told him where to go, and kicked him out in the early hours of New Year's Day, leaving Tracyluv to deal with the knowledge that her dad was an absolute pig. Alec was still on cloud nine about Sandra and her big house, so Bet had to gently let him down and tell him she wasn't interested.

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Ken sold the Recorder to the Gazette, then handed over number 1 to Deirdre in exchange for a quick settlement. He decided to make it up with long-lost daughter Sandra before he finally popped his clogs.

She also brought up his last gambling indiscretion because of course she did. She lived in a huge house with her daughter Victoria, who Alec first encountered riding in the lane outside. Mike got his accountant in, and was told he'd best think about his finances sharpish because he was starting to run on fumes.

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Bet went to see her to make his case, but it didn't work, and Alec accused her of just making things worse. They paid up with the twins' pocket money, only for Steve to drive a digger right into the Mini-Market and smash the glass all over again.

In the process she called Wendy "Miss Piggy", which was ace. Ken went to see Tracy but when he told her he wasn't coming home she lost her rag and bawled "I hate you!

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This time, he was in a bookie's when his taxi was robbed, thanks to him leaving his keys in the ignition. He refused to believe it though and invited his daughter round for supper at the Rovers. The teenagers confessed to robbing Don's car, but his assault charge still stood, what with him having committed assault and all.

The car turned up, but as it had been used in a hit and run in the meantime, the police were looking at him sideways When he spotted the boy, he chased after him and belted him in a playground; naturally, the constabulary looked unfavourably on middle aged men beating up teenagers and arrested him.

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Don started as he'd started ; by getting into trouble thanks to gambling. It could be love. And I know it's 28 years too late but I'd like to register a protest with Granada.

She overheard Sandra saying she didn't want Alec around, and, realising they were way out of their social milieu, dragged him away.

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As he painted the back wall Tracy turned up and flirted with him, only for him to reject her in favour of flirting with Jenny Bradley. He thought he'd spotted the lad who stole his car on a rough estate and camped out to catch him, irritating a local brass while he was there.

Though it was a different Vicky to the one who married Steve. Ivy realised Don had been gambling, not having a pee as he told her, and laid into him.

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She thought he'd left it too late to try and make things up. Let's resurrect that love triangle in