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If the fish decide to spawnthey will usually lay their eggs on the tank glass, often in an area where water flow is quite high. The more you have, the more secure they are a1 handy aufladen online dating the more you will see them.

The Tapajos are incredibly peaceful and there is no predation, the tank set-up consists of fine sand on the bottom, with bog wood along the back, empty coconut shells for added shelter and plants around the sides and back and duck weed Lemna minuta floating on the top.

Additionally, it can take several corydora pigmea online dating for certain species to become sexually matureso be patient.

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Appears to be endemic to the Rio Madeira basinBrazil. It will take dried foods, but these should be of a small grade or ground down before being added to the tank.

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Feeding regime[ edit edit source ] These fish are most active at night, so feeding once before lights out is typically enough. They will also eat any dead, dying, or even injured fish, that sit on the substrate too long.

Unlike the larger more common Corydoras, they often swim in a shoals around mid water regions as well as the lower regions of the tank. Habitat Small tributaries, creeks, pools and areas of flooded forest. A few handfuls of dried leaves again beech is good, and oak is also suitable would complete the natural feel.

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I have read reports that imply pygmaeus corys are effectively midwater fish. In nature most species occur in large schools and as such do best when kept in a group in captivity. It can be kept with small shrimp and snails.

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Keeping a cory on sharp or large gravel can lead to damage to their barbelswhich when infected will make it hard for the cory to find food. By day 28 they had grown in to miniature corys with adult colours.

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Filtering the water through peat is useful, as is the use of RO water. Cherry shrimp, Neocardina heteropoda work well. Reproduction Can be bred in a similar fashion to many other Corydoras speciesalthough the fry require a little extra care due to their size.

They are perhaps best kept in a planted species tank, or with shrimp such as Neocaridina spp. It can be fed most sinking foods but may eat flakes.

I moved them in to a 18x10x10 and was rapidly greeted with several days of egg laying from the 3 most mature females.

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But Back to the Pygmaeus. This occurs at the same time of year as the UK winter, so if summer breeding attempts are failing, it may be worth waiting until winter before trying again.

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Always use sinking varieties to ensure your corys receive the right amount of food. Keep it alone or in a community of other tiny speciessuch as similarly sized characins, cyprinids or perhaps some small freshwater shrimp. Diet[ edit edit source ] As with most Corydorasthese fish will eat most food which sinks to the bottom of the tank.

Some hobbyists even use certain species of freshwater shrimp to pick any fungal spores from healthy eggs.

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Appropriate foods include microworms or similar nematodesas well as Artemia nauplii newly hatched brine shrimp. Breeding[ edit ] The pygmy corydoras lays approximately eggs at a time. Though they can easily be persuaded to feed during the day.

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The adults will eat the eggs given the opportunity, so once spawning is complete you have a couple of choices. Later they moved on to the same crushed flake and microworms of the adults.

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The lighting should be fairly dim in this kind of setup. They are often kept at a pH of between 6. Be aware these fish do have a carnivorous side to them and love foods such as Bloodworm and Brine Shrimp.

The Cory has the ability to tilt its eye down to examine the nearby substrate. This is normal and is not a cause for concern. Vegetable-based foods offer little nutrition to them. An excellent choice for the smaller aquariumC.

Pygmy corydoras

The scientific name uses the Latin word pygmaeus, meaning dwarf or pygmy, [3] in its scientific name, Corydoras pygmaeus. Environment specifics[ edit edit source ] Requires a sand or small gravel substrate and prefers a planted tank. They are peaceful fish that are usually kept in groups of at least four and will also behave much more naturally in larger groups 10 or more.

The common names for the species are "pygmy catfish" and "pygmy corydoras". This is a very simple system of numbering and is similar to the L number scheme used to identify undescribed Loricariids. Once the fry have used up their yolk sacs they should be fed on an infusoria — type food for the next few days, until they are large enough to accept microworm or Artemia nauplii.