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Why did you and your partners decide to found a Norwegian, but not Swedish brand? Moods of Norway was teaching Hollywood how to ski.

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I am Swedish, the other guys are Norwegian. It has to do with the fact that we want to keep that look a bit limited and give it a more exclusive feel.

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One time, I almost killed myself trying to drive down from the Hollywood hills after a party. Is this just an image project to rise brand reputation up? And a last question. You came from North Country, but you live in the south part of America.

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I miss the distinct four seasons and some of the food. With so many stylists and celebrities right here in our back yard, we became quickly known for our unique and fun designs.

But I must tell you, that LA is not such zeznania podatkowe online dating good place to live.

It has been great to see the product line improving so much since we started. We are working on setting up our US blog as we speak that I will write on. You can never play too much with bright colors and fun messages.

Norway is smaller and a bit more extreme than Sweden in many ways.

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One time someone asked me if Norway was in California. How are you making business with your partners in Norway? We are mostly using email or Skype. We do our best in the design process to make these accessories and inner linings funky and fun. This got tones of interest from the press.


I think that the US school system can get better at educating the people about geography. We are constantly evolving in regard to our designs, qualities and fits. We came up with the Moods of Norway concept, while studying in Hawaii.

It is all about giving our customers what they want, and we believe that they want more fun from us. Yes, I feel that accessories socks, ties, bowties, underwear as well as the inside of suit linings are pretty good for it.

Pink or light blue one? We have a really fun brand store on Melrose Ave, where we also have our US corporate office.

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Just make some coffee or a Martini. Because of many competitors in your home country?

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What do you miss there? Was it hard for you to become famous in Hollywood?

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You like to go to party wearing pink suit or something like that, but MON collection is not so extravagant at all. We have had our store here in West Hollywood on Melrose now since Why did you take part on Millionaire Matchmaker show? What did you do for it?

Do you have a tractor?

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How was MON evolving over time? We only design a small part of the collection very bright and funky. Ones you get used to the 9 hour time difference it is all good. Scary but exciting times.

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We thought that it was about time to put Norway on the fashion map. The pink one is street legal.

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We did some pretty smart things in the beginning here in Hollywood. There are a lot of online messengers, but you have big difference in time and when you are active, they sleep.

What bright and not ordinary elements can you advise him to put on? Come by and visit and we might be able to provide the pink limo for a night out, hahahaha.

There are plenty of celebrities coming in here, since Melrose is a popular place for them to shop. I have always been a bit adventurous and interested in places of the world that I have not yet seen. I had a blast filming the segment.

Can I meet any celebs there? Please tell about Moods of Norway store on Melrose Ave.