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By the start had grown into a two-day affair with a spectacle presented by BRT television the previous night.

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A document dated from records that Margaret II, Countess of Flandersceded additional territory to the parish of Sint-Niklaas with the proviso that it would remain bare, which explains the unusual size of the central market square today.

Thirteenth-century origins[ edit ] Although some traces of pre-Roman activity have been found on the territory of Sint-Niklaas, the regional centre during Roman times was neighbouring Waasmunsterbetter located on the river Durme. Belsele was already mentioned in a 9th-century document.

At the end of the century, the French Revolution brought its mixture of religious intolerance and modern administration to the city.

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The 17th century was generally a period of prosperity that was marked by economic growth, mostly in the flax and wool industries. However, the central location of Sint-Niklaas between Ghent and Antwerpnot far from the Scheldtfavoured further development.

Tour of Flanders[ edit ] The Tour of Flanders Flemish, Ronde van Vlaanderen bicycle road race moved its start to the market square at Sint-Niklaas from Ghent inmainly because the great square provided close proximity for the growing number of spectators.

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The power of Flanders at that time favoured the rapid economic development of the city, which became the administrative centre of the region in Since the start of the race has taken place in Brugge.

The history of Sint-Niklaas proper, however, starts inwhen the bishop of Tournaifollowing advice from the local clergy, founded a church dedicated to Saint Nicholas here.

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On May 25,another fire destroyed most of the city. ByEmperor Maximilian had granted the city the right to hold a weekly market.

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After World War IIthe textile industry went through a crisis. Politically, however, it was part of the County of Flanders.

The new parish was to depend on the See of Tournai until the middle of the 16th century.

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Aroundthe church of Saint Nicholas suffered heavy damage from roving iconoclasts. Napoleon came to visit Sint-Niklaas in and officially promoted it to the rank of city.

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Init was engulfed by fire and plundered. The flagship textile industry adapted well to mechanization and added cotton products to its portfolio in This was also the time when Sint-Niklaas was endowed with administrative buildings and three cloistered communities OratoriansFranciscansand Black Sisterswhich provided educational, religious, and medical services to the region.

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Today, the historic centre of the city has become mostly a shopping and services district. The 19th century witnessed a general decline in the textile industry.