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After traveling to Spain at the age of 21, he was informally educated there, where he lived the rest of his life. Inca ViracochaInca laws and customs, land, taxation, labor, prediction of the arrival of the Spaniards Book 6.

More than years later, when the native uprising led by Tupac Amaru II in gained momentum, Charles III of Spain banned the Comentarios from being published in Lima in Quechua because of its "dangerous" content.

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Huascar becomes ruler of Peru, civil war between Atahualpa and Huascar Book Copies circulated secretly, as the native people drew pride and inspiration dating baltiske kvinderegensen their Inca heritage.

He wrote both as a member of the royal family of Cuzco and from the base of Spanish-Catholic theology. Spanish invasion, Francisco Pizarro takes Atahualpa prisoner, execution of Huascar, Atahualpa's gold ransom to the Spaniards, trial and execution.

He was born a few years after the initial Spanish conquest and grew up while warfare was still underway. The first part deals with Inca life, and the second part is about the Spanish conquest of Peru Both works had earned him recognition as a writer.

Inca Yupanquidescription of the royal city of Cuzco, Sacsahuaman fortress Book 8.

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The first edition was published in in LisbonPortugalin the printshop of Pedro Crasbeeck. Viewpoint[ edit ] Most experts agree the Comentarios Reales are a chronicle of the culture, economics, and politics of the Inca Empire, based on oral tradition as handed down to Garcilaso by relatives and other amauta masters, wise ones during his childhood and adolescence, as well as written sources, including the chronicle of Blas Valera.

He grew up in the worlds of both his parents, also living with his Spanish father as a youth. He wrote the chronicles as a firsthand account of the Inca traditions and customs. The second part of the Comentarios was published posthumously, one year after the author's death, inunder the title of Historia General del Peru.

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Inca Pachacutecroyal mansions and funerals, quipusfestival of the sun, religion, schools, subjugation of the Chimu Book 7. Huayna Capac 's life, rule, and death. He was formally educated within the Spanish system of his father and for the most part, "Garcilaso interpreted Inca and Andean religion from the European and Christian point of view that he had been taught to adopt from infancy, and that provided him with most of his historical and philosophical terminology.

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That was an account of Hernando de Soto 's expedition in Florida and was quite popular. Atahualpa made ruler of Quito, warning of arrival of the Spaniards.

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Publication history[ edit ] He wrote the account from memories of what he had learned in Peru from his mother's people and in his later years.