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Flirty text messages is good way to flirt and have fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Nothing seems to hold my attention without YOU! If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would definitely put U and I together. I know you have a busy day ahead of you, but could you add me on to your to-do iphone app flirtradar And let my smile flow through your mind My heart is overwhelmed with feelings for you, I can drown in love for you.

When I look at you, I become speechless. So, people choose texting and messaging with their lover, crush or love-interest!! Hello, I'm a thief and I'm here to steal your heart!

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So do not hesitate to send my deepest desires for you, adding with a wink at the end face. Your voice is the only motivation I need. You have the most amazing fill in the blank.

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Men love a girl that is flexible. Yeah, he will certainly enjoy that. He plans to increase his ego and spend the night with him. I know milk it does a body good, but DAMN how much have you been drinking? Do you have a coin?

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So brighten the world with your smiles. He will be flying over to your house as quickly as possible with this flirty and alluring text! Oh, I am liking this, so what happens next? I am not a woman who will just wait for a call, but I will make an exception for an imposing man like you!

And they also love to know that they are making your friends jealous.

Flirty Messages Flirt Text Messages

If you leave, you must prove that you miss. Today I am your Santa and I will fulfill all your dreams! We just landed in Hawaii. In this barren life of mine, you are the most fragrant flower! I am a winner, for I found the happiest place of the universe. At night I cannot sleep and during the day I dream of you There is a reason why I text you before opening the curtains in my room — because you are my sunshine.

Even Aphrodite would envy your beauty, Athena would envy your courage, and Zeus would envy me because the most beautiful woman is with me. So, where are we going on a walk?

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Would you rather do you homework or come hang out with me? The interweaving of our fingertips creates an infinity sign, the sign of our love.

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If someone asks me if ur good…il say ur not…if they say ur better…il say ur not…why shud i say ur good or better if ur 1 of d best i ever had… You want to keep texting or do you want to switch it up Where have you been hiding?

I want to give you all unspent love, accumulated in my heart, I am all yours.

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Take a look at our tips and start flirting now. So I got up from my bed, grabbed my cell phone and sent you a morning greeting.

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I am really weak in mathematics! I like your style- I like your class- but most of all I like your arse! Does that mean you are stalking me? Every woman dreams of a hot and handsome man.

Your smile is the only inspiration I need. Ugh, I wish you were here! Of course, this is a spicy and romantic text message that boost his confidence and lets him know that yes, it is OK to kiss you and you absolutely love it.