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Wow, Leo flirty texts get to see the subway? Ha, there's your first mistake right there. She asks whether he bag is heavy and the caption helpfully points out, "Not in front of you.

Founding of the Flower Halbae Dating Agency.

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The song sings "We need youuuuu…" as we cut to Seo-jin, who's packing his bags. Na PD outlines their budget, which is about 2, dollars total, and that's to cover lodging and food and everything. The crew barely manages to follow them onto the bus, after being left behind. Then Na PD asks just the three halbaes, "Now can you see how he got to 40 still being single?

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The PD tells him to try it, and he gets about three second into it before cracking a hilarious face. Na PD knows by the second conversation that he's not going to get money from Gu halbae, so he changes his tune and says he'll get it from Seo-jinnie hyung tomorrow.

Ha, that is totally what they're doing. Ha, I guess the Roman Holiday comparison isn't so out of line, since she's amazed at mundane things, having no cause to use them in her daily life.

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We're taking a bus? Thankfully Sunny really does turn out to have better directional skills and corrects him, and yes, it really is just a three-minute walk this way.

I do get annoyed when they do scenes like they did when Jong-Hyuk fell in the water. Seo-jin's going to come on the second day to find they've already spent ten days' worth of money. But then Il-sub halbae stuns him into silence by telling hyung to just pay up, since they did want the food.

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Except Seo-jinnie is too cranky to listen, so he refuses to sit down for an interview and instead goes shopping and gets coffee, and does everything like it's opposite day.

And halbae is all, "You never know! They mostly tour the marketplace and then go shopping at the grocery store, where they pick out Korean foods, of course. When asked where they're going, he retorts, "Do I have to tell you?

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So of course, Na PD goes straight to the halbaes to tattle. And then they get right on the phone to call Seo-jinnie. But ha, when Seo-jin reads the text, there's more to it: He chides that it's not nice to the wife to be this way at home, which just makes me think he's probably the best husband ever.

This is a token?

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So Geun-hyung halbae texts over, "We're waiting. He has zero relation to this!

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Gu halbae sees a guard standing so still he's convinced it's a mannequin, and then gets really close like a little kid just to make sure. Flower Boy Dating Agency.

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I love that he has zero intention of finding the halbaes: Although he doesn't mind being luggage boy for Sunny, though I'm pretty sure it's just to show off. Episode 6 Grandpas Over Flowers: Back in Taiwan, the halbaes get ready to head out for the day, and Geun-hyung halbae keeps up his constant line of communication with Seo-jin, which is adorable.

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I love that Gu halbae's all, And the front zipper…forget about it! They look up directions on their phones, but the problem is that they don't know how to enter in Chinese text. He gets to the airport, still grumpy as ever and complaining about how early the booked the flight.

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I love the passive-aggressive conversation through Il-sub halbae. We see him the night before, looking like he's about to face a firing squad.

He's all, "Then we can't talk at all! It's on when, "Moo-jin just sits through it stone-faced, clearly not on her wavelength.

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He's just being difficult, like it's the one way he can have any control in this situation.