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Seo-jin's going to come on the second day to find they've already spent ten days' worth of money. This couldn't have been planned better, because Seo-jin is just going off with this resigned-bitter-wry speech about how you'll never fool him again, you sly underhanded bastards, so don't even bother talking.

Ha, there's your first mistake right there.

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Seo-jin starts to scratch his head thinking of workarounds, but Sunny just takes the phone, literally pushes some buttons, swipe, swish, boom, information. But then Il-sub halbae stuns him into silence by telling hyung to just pay up, since they did want the food.

We pick up at the end of the first day in Taiwan, after the halbaes have navigated their own way to the guesthouse and finally had a chance to walk around and see some sights.

I love the passive-aggressive conversation through Il-sub halbae. He gets to the airport, still grumpy as ever and complaining fdmtl online dating how early the booked the flight.

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And halbae is all, "You never know! And then we get a flashback to every place the halbaes went today, eating, eating, eating. Also, I love cyrano dating agency tagalog jokes suspicious Na PD has made him. Geun-hyung halbae is really running with it, saying in the tone of a father tsk-tsking his son that Sunny must not like him much if she's telling him she's tired on the first day of a trip, and how you would think a guy would realize what it means when a super busy girl still made time in her crazy busy schedule to stop over in Taiwan and see him, but you know, a stupid man might miss the point and never get around to dating.

Etikettendruck online dating he's angry any time someone even mentions their names, and Sunny's sneaking up row by row, and getting closer… javabeans: He's all, "Then we can't talk at all!

I really, really enjoy the whole exchange where Geun-hyung halbae is reading the packages perfectly fine because he's well-versed in hanja, and Na PD is just standing there going, "Um, I don't know.

Except Seo-jinnie is too cranky to listen, so he refuses to sit down for an interview and instead goes shopping and gets coffee, and does everything like it's opposite day.

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I'm cracking up at the montage of beauty tips from Gu halbae, as we watch him slather himself with sunscreen to protect his baby skin.

You think I'd fall for that again?!

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Na PD outlines their budget, which is about 2, dollars total, and that's to cover lodging and food and everything. Gu halbae sees a guard standing so still he's convinced it's a mannequin, and then gets really close like a little kid just to make sure.

But ha, when Seo-jin reads the text, there's more to it: Upon returning to the guesthouse, Gu halbae grumbles that Seo-jin had better come quickly.

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Even Seo-jin's nephew who hears about the trip in the news congratulates his uncle, saying, "Dreams come true. Let's just leave 'em alone! Seo-jin buys some tickets for himself and Sunny, then starts walking faster as he only half-jokes or maybe not-jokes-at-all about ditching the camera crew.

For a long while he looks at the directions online and decides as the halbaes did on the wrong exit, which as we know took them in circles in the wrong direction.

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The PD points out that he's closer to ajusshi age, and he shushes her: He chides that it's not nice to the wife to be this way at home, which just makes me think he's probably the best husband ever. He's not wrong, though, because they're just sitting there in silence and the awkwardness just mounts and mounts until finally Seo-jin rips off the mic and fiddles with the battery pack, which Sunny flicks off.

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And after all that, you only need one line from Il-sub halbae: They reach their landmark and the two hyungs get busy with the map-reading and tour-planning, while Il-sub halbae parks it in the shade, content to wait here.

He does walk after the others to do a little bit of sightseeing, but he's barely stepped inside the courtyard before he's all, I'm done. Il-sub halbae just goes from building to buliding looking for either shade or air conditioning, and ends up at vending machines.

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You have turned him into a surly teenager. Seo-jin gapes at the "stay out all night" text message, and even he's like, "Uh… I can't actually stay out all night…" javabeans: Gu halbae ends the conversation with a "Thank you!

Thankfully Sunny really does turn out to have better directional skills and corrects him, and yes, it really is just a three-minute walk this way.

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They look up directions on their phones, but the problem is that they don't know how to enter in Chinese text. Then they have a head-scratching moment trying to figure out how to actually get their subway passes to open the turnstiles, and watch the locals do it before figuring out how.

They start by asking how he feels and whether he suspects Sunny or Hyuna might show up today.

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It's gonna be hilarious when Sunny shows up and he's whining that he only packed one outfit. This is a token?

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Episode 2 Grandpas Over Flowers: I know, he gets the address and doesn't even look at it, happy to enjoy the time before he has to get back to luggage boy mode. And now that they're here, it's all, Why'd you come so early?

He really is like the six-year-old of the group.

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Although he doesn't mind being luggage boy for Sunny, though I'm pretty sure it's just to show off. Don't you need more? Hyungs can go to the memorial!