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Cz 455 super match uk dating,

CZ 455 Supermatch

This stock design is really intended for shooting from position standing, kneeling, sitting, prone with iron sights. However, the UL does have that cheek piece and the grip shape is also slightly shaped for a right handed shooter. Thanks for your excellent work.

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Therefore, with most scopes today and ring combos, the scope will probably sit a bit higher than mine. B Look at the pictures of the Brno match sights installed on a lot of the rifles on this site Also, the UL has a nice rubber buttpad which sticks to your shoulder better than the plastic butt on the Trainer.

D Both models have beechwood stocks. The Varmint barrel won't fit in the Lux stock. I think that position would still require my head to be positioned uncomfortably. However, I kinda got lucky with my chosen scope and ring combo, in that it fits very, very low to the barrel and rear sight and it just works on my Trainer.

Don't let that concern you. They are not match-grade sights, but they are really good sights for shooting from any position.

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C Still, I would not expect my Trainer to be ideal for prone shooting with the scope installed. I think you'd be disappointed with a Varmint sporting a regular contoured barrel.

As Americans ourselves, it is my opinion that most of us read or hear "beech" and we think "birch", which wood certainly have a much different appearance than Walnut, and is also softer wood, I think.

It does not work on my Ultra Lux, the scope ocular makes hard contact with the barrel. E Trainer vs Ultra Lux: Since then I have been back to the range three times with both the Trainer and the UL and fired only from position prone, sitting, standing.

I definitely prefer the UL stock.

I have a American also, with Walnut, and it is rather hard for my eye to tell much difference. Side by side, the two rifles seem to have comparable accuracy potential, however I shoot the UL better from prone for two reasons - longer sight radius and stock fit.

For your stated purposes and as a left handed shooter in particular, I think it likely offers you the best all-around features available in the CZ line. However, walnut does offer the possibility not a guarantee of getting a much prettier stock than beech.

I have a Lux. Here are a couple of other, random thoughts: In summary, I think you would be quite happy with a Trainer. Additionally, it feels to me like it just has a little bit better overall balance. However, you being a lefty are more likely to fit the Trainer stock more comfortably.

Again, I just got lucky. It will work but there will be miles of space all around the barrel. If you intend to also hunt with the rifle, it might be as close to ideal as you are likely to find.

Plus that rubber butt keeps it in my shoulder better. It was a Hugh help. But, just to keep things dicey you could also go with an UL and then pick up one the Klinsky stocks for left-handed shooters like you.

CZ 455 Super Match 22lr

But "regular" barrel profiles will fit in the Varmint stock. I'd just get a Lux and extra barrels made for the Lux in the calibers you'd like. A The factory sights are really good general purpose sights.

I like the cheek piece and I prefer the subtle difference in the feel of the grip. Good luck and happy shooting: So my question is will the lux stock fit the varmint barrels I though all barrels were interchangeable-platforms or do I have buy the varmint stock and buy lux barrels?

But again, not ideal.

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Accuracy - I have only done a little bit of bench testing with my Trainer. It does turn in some great groups. I am currently looking to buy a The relative height of the aperture is really not much different that the axis of the scope mounted on my rifle.

But it won't be very aesthetically pleasing polite way of saying fugly.

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With that larger channel any of the other barrels will fit. Therefore, I suggest that MY head position may be almost but not quite similar, and the comfort kinda maybe almost similar.

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On CZ's website it says because the varmint is a thicker barrel it will fit all other barrels. For that purpose, it is quite comfortable.

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I was thinking 22 lr lux with 22 mag and hnr17 varmint barrels. Again, those Brno sights everybody loves apparently for good reasons are also higher that the factory sights.

D Shooting from the bench, the stock is fine.

That is just from this previous weekend. No slam on the Trainer stock at all, I just personally prefer the stock on the UL. Don't have any, but I want a set I guess if your willing to sand out the stock you could use a Lux stock and a Varmint barrel but again I imagine the barrel diameter must be much larger on the varmint!!

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