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Czudkova zahradating, department head

Even now, one can see a different approach of student referees - some of them are very active and bring a lot of comments and suggestions, whereas others carry out a formal review only. I hope that resulting Proceedings are traditionally of a good quality and you can find a lot of references to previous volumes in scientific journals.

Finally, we would like to express our thanks to all speakers and other participants for helping us to keep a fruitful and friendly atmosphere during the whole meeting and, last but not least, to our colleagues who assisted us greatly both prior to the conference and after it. The best student's referees were: We believe that it helps students to learn how to prepare the written presentation of their results in a foreign language and how to respond the referees.

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 45 (2009), No. 4 · Electronic Edition

They can see that a good and comprehensive review is sometimes a very difficult task. The contributions from the field of Physics of Plasmas and Ionized Media are the main topics of Part II 30 papers have been submitted from this symposium. Kliment Ohridski" University of Sofia, i-2, pp.

We would like to thank the referees from different institutions who worked so hard to review the student's papers, and thus permitted the timely production of these volumes. Holub, State Dependances in Interfering Automata, i-2, pp.

- World Pedigree DataBase Shih Tzu, Shih Tzu Pedigree DataBase.

Spousta, Web as a Corpus, i-3, pp. Effects of Alloying on Magnetism, f-5, pp. They should take into account their comments and prepare a new submission including a letter to referees where they explain their reaction.

Khrushcheva, Temperature Trends in the Perm Area, f-8, pp. Some New Features, f-1, pp. Slavinska, Plasma Polymerization of n-hexane in a Modular Reactor, f-4, pp. All manuscripts were reviewed by two referees and, maybe, you would ask why.

The Influence of the Grain Size, f-2, pp.

WDS 2006 - Proceedings of Contributed Papers

Single-crystal Study, f-3, pp. Part III consists of contributions from all other symposia on Physics 40 papers. Part III - Physics eds. Kousal, A Choukourov, H. Proceedings are divided into three volumes. Fighting the "Spearhead" Problem, i-2, pp.

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Saturka, Lie Groups in Quantum Mechanics, f-4, pp. Exotic States of Matter, f-2, pp. Part I presents the contributions on Mathematics 22 and Computer Sciences 13, together 35 papers in this part. PavluPrague, Matfyzpress, pp. This is a standard way of publication in scientific journals and we are offering an exercise that would help them in future.

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