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I sobbed hysterically when I had to leave! Um, but no, most of it is acting. I loved getting to share that with him too. Thanks, thanks, like glad you liked it, okay.

I can find out anything, I really can.

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Was it difficult for you to go to play such a dark character? So all those parts, I never really thought about them as that.

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Do you have trouble watching it yourself because I would think it would be hard to watch yourself in that movie? How did the project evolve? The ambitious adaption of the Caleb Carr novel of the same name saw the year-old dive headfirst into a project with a crew of strangers, in a foreign country, no less.

As happens to busy people this time of year, Fanning has come down with a flu that reared its head as soon as she stopped. I have a private account for my stalking.

Not yet, but those things are very important to me and I think about them. So American Pastoral came to me a few years ago, with a different director and with Ewan McGregor and Jennifer Connelly attached as actors to play my parents.

When people were like: I swear, when it comes to Instagram, my stalking abilities are unparalleled.


When you were a kid, I think most of the characters you played were pretty happy. I was playing someone younger than I actually was; I was 21 when I did the movie. Did you stop bathing or did you do anything particular to put yourself in the mood? I can never really take compliments from my family for some reason.

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It took her years and years to admit that we lived in Los Angeles. Apparently my sister saw the film and had a really horrifying reaction to it like and she got really upset by it.

Dakota Fanning on dating, acting and why she has a secret Instagram account

This is so cool. In you starred in American Pastoral. You just say thank you. Fanning breaks into a sweet laugh.

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What was I going to put up? I think Ewan and I felt really connected during those dark scenes as actors and as a director and an actor. From the age of six, Fanning has been picking up these tough characters and experiencing life through them vicariously — how has it not made her go insane?

Jane-ism is basically a religion that believes that you do no harm to anything, so that even includes like not bathing because you would be doing harm to the water.

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Especially for a self-confessed over-thinker? Even though they were kind of crazy then, I feel like things have just taken such a bigger turn. I really love watching it each time. I was method by chance simply because I had no energy when I would get back because we were filming all those scenes in the middle of the night so I would kind of get back and not wash my hair and so I was kind of living weirdly as a Jane just by total coincidence, total accident, laziness.

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I was not familiar with the book, but the more I mentioned it, people would say like: Working with a budget and talent that ensures a feature-film-quality patina?

From age six, Dakota Fanning has been the latter. Here, Fanning opens up about these challenging roles, how she handles what people think about her, and more. I was so comfortable; I learned to unwind and really enjoyed my life there.