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Lyn and Greeata head out into the desert on a stolen landspeeder and rescue Max, Droopy, and Sy from Tusken Raiders before making off with their Banthas.

Dalyn Chew

Del Rey,p. She was also not above getting her hands dirty when she killed Ziro the Hutt to obtain for Jabba a book containing dirt on the other Hutt leaders.

Droopy's actual birth name is a series of unpronounceable flute-like whistles, but he was renamed Snit by Orbus, who purchased him as a slave and forced him to join his band due to Snit's musical talents. He retires to a life of wealth and luxury on Coruscant.

She meets her hero but is later enraged at his death during the skirmish at the Sarlacc pit. He plays a Red Ball Jett keyboard, which is similar to a circular reed organ with clavinet characteristics.

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The character's oversized ruby lips were suggested by George Lucas, who referred to them dalyn chew dating " Mick Jagger lips. After the band flees Jabba's barge following his death, Droopy quits the group and wanders off alone into the desert to search for other members of his race.

He is the estranged older brother of Figrin D'an, and resents the success of his brother's band, the Modal Nodes.

After elke clijsters dating is free following Jabba's death, Umpass-stay elects to become a servant for another Hutt household. The Band's Tale," in Kevin J.

She becomes infatuated with Unona dating agency ukraine capital Fett and follows him to Tatooinewhere she joins the band at Jabba's palace.

He nonetheless treasures his brief stint with the band. After Jabba the Hutt's death and the band's escape into the desert, Greeata and fellow singer Lyn Me come to the band's rescue by driving off a group of Tusken Raiders and stealing their Banthaswhich they ride to Mos Eisley.

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Boba Fett is briefly seen flirting with her prior to the arrival of Boushh. The group disbands after Jabba's death and Yowza travels to Mos Eisley, where he finds a job on a small passenger liner and performs with its house band in exchange for free food and transportation throughout the Outer Rim.

She initially vows to take revenge on Han, Luke and Leia for their part in Fett's death, [28] but then drops her vendetta. Max joins the Rebel Alliance to entertain the troops, one reason being that "the Rebellion has the best food. After Orbus's death, Yowza joins the band on Tatooine after a successful audition for Jabba.

After performing for Lady Valarian, the pair splits. After they split up, Talosh writes a tell-all book entitled Blue Man's Group a pun on the performance trio Blue Man Group without the band's permission, causing them to sever ties with him.

The quartet agrees to play a gig at the Mos Eisley Cantinawhich leads to a conflict with incumbent group The Modal Nodes. The character first appeared at the end of Stop that Jawa!

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Retrieved May 1, After relocating to Tatooine, she joins the Max Rebo Band as a backup vocalist and dancer. After he unknowingly stows away on a star freighter while searching for food, the captain keeps him aboard for cooking, cleaning, and other menial tasks.

She gets her start playing the Kloo horn on a luxury starship called the Kuari Princess, where she befriends Sy Snootles. Max was a founding member of Evar Orbus and His Galactic Jizz-wailers, but after Orbus's death, he is elected the group's new leader. Like other Ortolans, Max is a glutton ; he ecstatically accepts a lifetime contract from Jabba that is paid in endless meals instead of money, which angers the rest of the group.

In return, Yowza is well-fed and taught Galactic Basic.

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He plays a chidinkalu horn, an instrument that resembles a clarinet. She had an affair with her Yuzzum groupie, Clayton. He had played the sacred drums in a monastery devoted to the Weequay god of thunder before moving to Tatooine to serve as one of Jabba's skiff guards, simply in order to mingle with other members of his race.

Doda remains at Jabba's Palace during the execution at the Sarlacc; when he hears of Jabba's death, he steals several valuable statues from the palace and disappears.

He works as a spy and a guard for Jabba while performing as a drummer with the Max Rebo Band, and stays behind at Jabba's palace during the failed execution of Luke, Han and Chewbacca. He becomes a part-time drummer for the Max Rebo Band, and after Jabba's death, Ak-rev and fellow percussionist Umpass-stay attempt to flee to Mos Eisley, but the pair is ambushed by Tusken Raiders and Ak-rev is beaten to death.

Following a brief gig for Lady Valarian, Sy dissolves her relationship with Max and begins her solo career, but her subsequent recordings sell poorly and she is relegated to touring Outer Rim dives under different stage names.

Impressed with his voice, Orbus signs Yowza, who performs for food and shelter, while Sy gives him his new stage name. Ak-rev is a leathery-faced Weequay skiff guard and drummer from the planet Sriluur.

She is angered at Max's acceptance of Jabba's contract, and after attempts to rework the deal prove futile, Sy resorts to secretly spying for over a dozen of Jabba's enemies to earn credits, but then works as a double agent by giving them false information provided by Bib Fortuna.

Barquin stays to perform with local musicians and eventually joins the Max Rebo Band; unaccustomed to the depravity he witnesses in Jabba's Palace, he flees after Oola 's gruesome death.

Orphaned at a young age after his family was killed by bounty hunters, Doda held an affinity for classical Rodian music and crime.