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Thus Ford Anglias grew giant fenders and hand-painted flame motifs, while Talbot Horizons dan schnitzer dating along with chrome exhaust pipes and lightning flashes.

But it might turn teenage boys green AC Schnitzer ended with representatives in over 50 countries worldwide and a share in a foreign representative speed dating activity in the classroom the USA.

In short, it looks like the kind of car a provincial company director might drive if he it would only be a he were AC Schnitzer has added even more innovations to the most advanced sports car of the present age.

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If the Top Gear team went into the customising business, the result would doubtless be something like AC Schnitzer. In the years which followed, not only did innovation succeed innovation, but the series of records held by the Aachen company continued.

The special concept car, presented every year, must meet both the high demands of tuning fans and also standards of maximum safety. Who knows, but it's safe to say their demise was caused by the massive improvement in production techniques that transformed car manufacturing over the past decade or two.

Whatever happened to the proud obsessives who wrought these pig-in-lipstick makeovers?

Discontinued/Limited Production Product

In came another premier: Hence the proliferation of men who liked to spend their weekends in a state of motor-devotion. It's hard to imagine that the ACS1 will become the green car of choice for the Birkenstockracy.

InAC Schnitzer achieved a further milestone. Back then it seemed every street contained at least one auto-maniac who saw his car as a kind of religious shrine to which new and kitsch features needed to be added. The "Eco" part of the name might be pushing it, yet, price aside, it is economic, which in turn amounts to ecological.

For its ten-year anniversary, the Aachen-based engineers showed something impossible: AC Schnitzer - less a name than a high-powered sneeze - is a German company renowned for retuning or converting well-known brands, among them Minis, Land Rovers and BMWs.

This made it the fastest road-legal BMW of its time. Inthe ACL2 concept car based on the BMW Mi, with significantly reduced weight and tremendous power, was presented to the global public.

AC Schnitzer Type III - No Longer Available

Or, as they put it themselves, "utilising a donor car", which makes it sound like a form of automotive body snatching. But not so long ago they were a standard feature of suburban life.

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Another milestone in automotive history was achieved by AC Schnitzer in with its own interpretation of the BMW i8. For all the romance associated with earlier periods of the motor industry, the fact is the majority of mass-produced cars were not exactly models of reliability.

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Innovation quickly succeeded innovation: Simon Stuart-Miller These days, customised cars are seldom glimpsed outside of special events, collectors' gatherings and the car park of the Ace cafe on the North Circular.

For it is a BMW d that's been given the full boy-racer treatment with knobs on - to be specific, actually, an "AC Schnitzer illuminated gear knob".

With the ACS1 Sport Eco, you get the engine retuned, a new sporty suspension, racing wheels, front spoiler, roof spoiler and, of course, the illuminated gear knob.

A couple of years back, the company upped its profile by creating the "fastest street legal BMW in the world".

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The modern twist is that, while the ACS1 is set up to traverse Essex in less time than it takes to throw a pair of furry dice, the diesel engine maintains highly prudent fuel efficiency and band B road tax.

Now cars hardly ever break down, they require, and receive, much less attention. The same year, a world premiere was prepared at what is still the headquarters of Kohl automobile GmbH.