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She is loud and proud. Partway through season 5, the CADC was completely recast for one week see below. I think every girl on dance moms is really special and talented.

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I love you jo jo and I think you are the best dancer on dancer on dance moms I am your biggest fan I love you so so so so so so much you are my favourite V fevibond online dating Comments 9 Paige Hyland Paige is not the most technical dancer, but she is the most physically attractive.

Maddie Zeigler, Sophia Lucia 2: She's weird in a bad way. I don't understand when people compare he really to Mackenzie or Kalani.

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I totally agree with her place. She is more flexible than Maddie. Paige was the eye candy she was there because she had the best body and was willing to show skin to get ratings. But I'm not so sure if she should be counted as a "dance moms dancer" because she was on the show for so short Sophia was born a prodigy, a star.

They were original cast members of the show, but left the show after the Season 4 finale.

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I hate you jojo. Jessalynn Siwa is the mother of JoJo Siwa[15] a jazz and contemporary dancer. So, viewers at home have always speculated whether The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is actually having sex with three people in just three days.

Asia first appeared on AUDC, where she was the youngest competitor from either season.

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Fantasy suite dates have always been a controversial part of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. She tries to act so modest but for enough money she would show most of her skin and call it art - boce Brynn is better then the other people who are 19 and under get your facts right Brynn is sooo underrated, I mean she was known way before the show and was even on America's got talent for a while, she deserves to be up there with Kenzie and Maddie.

She not a spoilt brat, the show edited it to make her seem like one to make controversies and views.

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Kendall Vertes, Mackenzie zeigler 5 Nia Soiux 6: Paige wanted to be there, had the beautiful face and bright eyes. I think that she has a true potential and she is a different person to Maddie and is much better than her although Maddie is amazing Mackenzie is a really talented little dancer she is always trying get better and she is so cause she is always compared to Maddie or Asia.

She is never sour or never a sore loser.

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Jill Vertes is the mother of Kendall, [4] a model and jazz dancer and aspiring singer Kendall K. She's very hardworking and has a great passion in dancing. So, if you truly believe no sex happens behind closed doors during fantasy suite dates, then you are seriously mistaken.

Beginning with the start of season 5. She is best known for being an original cast member of Lifetime's reality television series Dance Moms during Season 1 through Season 4.

Jojo is confident in her dances.

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That's the show; they came up with that whole process. Vivi-Anne was previously a student and team member at her mother's studio, Candy Apples Dance Centre, where she continued her dance training after leaving the team and show.

She really does, and Brooke always places in the top 5 consistently!

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Kendall is laziest and worst dancer ever. I think she was on the show for her looks, eye candy.

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Elliana Walmsey, Lilliana Ketchaman 2: They were original cast members, but Kelly assaulted Abby in the middle of Season 4, resulting in the Hyland's leaving the show.

Kendyl Fay 12 Elliana Walmsley She is sassy not the best - aminaali Elliana is a spectacular dancer but she can do a bit better in her dances.

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I love this girl so much and knows she will have a wonderful future She is the only dancer on dance moms that actually lasted through all the seasons.