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On the other hand, Show allows for some recognizable kdrama conventions, and gives everything an overall treatment that is warm and hopeful.

The lost-ness is clear in his eyes, and we can practically see him collapsing under the weight of all the questions and possibilities and anguish in his mind.

He promised to stay by her side so she would never be scared or alone again. This was a show where, from the get-go, I was interested to watch the next episode, and soon.

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Jisoo is typically compared to a dog, even going as far as referring to himself as "more of a dog than a cat". At the beginning of the game, she is fourteen years old when Jisoo joins. So, she is supposed to be between 32 and In his good ending, Jisoo has his hair up in a small ponytail.

Sadly, he broke this promise in the hope that he could save her life.


He is simply adorable as the smitten puppy crushing hard on his noona and trying hard not to show it. This may explain why initially Heejung and several background characters tended to have a disdain for him in his feline form at the beginning of the game.

In a cutscene, Jiyeon reveals that he and Jisoo shared an intimate moment together under the influence of alcohol. He left for two days to fish but when he came home, he dandelion dating sim ji soo angry mom his sister crying and searching for him.

Completely biased reviews and fangirling

Completely biased reviews and fangirling Review: The most pivotal, difficult scene in my mind, though, is the one in episode 9, when No Ah reacts to dandelion dating sim ji soo angry mom knowledge that his father Jun Gook Hwan bribed the school for his position.

For the first half of the game he is harder to find in the house and tends to come off rough around the edges when approached. That warmth and hope is, essentially, one of the big draws of kdramas in general, and is instrumental in making this show the ultimately heartwarming, uplifting watch that it turns out to be.

After the death of his parents and Lily falling ill, he worked as hard as he could to provide for her. He intimidating eye black designs for softball still harbors feelings for her in his routes epilogue and perhaps the other routes since he hasn't taken on a girlfriend in the other love interests' routes nor the good endings' epilogue of his own - though this could also be for Lily even if she does push him to date while living in Busan.

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On the one hand, it faces some hard topics with unflinching, gritty determination, and is far from being romance-centric. Jisoo leaving his necklace with Heejung. Both the writing and directing are excellent, thoughtful and assured. Jisoo is the most selfless with his wish and actions next to Jieun.

How ‘Angry Mom’ Turned Into A Noona Romance

Another physical feature that passes from his feline state to his human state is the silver necklace his sister Lily made and gave to him back in their home world. Jisoo and Jiyeon harbor a grudge against the rabbits due to their wealth and being put down by them through out the game.

As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Personality Edit When the player is first introduced to the animals, Jisoo is a black cat and the last one able to be clicked on.

He is the one seen most in all the routes, where he is guiding Heejung, helping her with her mother, helping her out with cooking or cleaning, helping her relax, or warning her of the other love interests' faults and intentions. When talking to Jisoo, while he's watching the shopping network, he tells Heejung of the deals they're having and suggests she buys anything with a seemingly good deal attached.

Notably, Kang Ja never doubts that for a moment. Jisoo supporting Heejung at the art exhibit.


Cats are generally considered bad luck in Korean culture, while black cats are universally considered bad luck in European cultures. With its unrelenting focus on bullying, violence and other predatory behavior, Show was undeniably hard to watch at times, it was just all so bloody and violent and sad.

Lily as she appears in the home world. Jisoo tells Heejung many times to call for him if she ever needs help. Kang Ja is a wounded fighter, and I find that moving and very inspiring indeed.

Jisoo getting angry at Heejung because he thinks she has a boyfriend. Jisoo has the most illustrations, or CG's, in the game. Ji Hyun Woo conveys all of that, without actually uttering a word of dialogue.

Not only does he fulfill the quotient for badassery well by playing Bok Dong with swag as a bad boy gangster type, in the relatively limited screentime available, he also manages to give Bok Dong dimension, imbuing him with what feels like an effortless amount of nuance, depth and vulnerability.

Like the other love interests, Jisoo has a favorite food and it is salmon. She would later become the most important person in his life. Not much is known about Jisoo's childhood but it can be inferred that he had a rough life due to being in poverty. I love that they empathize and identify with each other, and that their loyalty to each other far transcends things like age, gender and romance.

Jisoo is a shopaholic, typically found browsing the shopping network and asking Heejung to buy him things. Viewers will have to wait until the next episode to find out.

Being featured in every route and in multiple scenes in the other love interests' routes either helping Heejung or reacting to the antics of the other love interests with Heejung. I love how she shows care and concern for Bok Dong, even when everyone else simply sees him as a bully. Not only does Kim Hee Sun pull off a high school uniform with ease, she looks pretty darn fantastic, thankyouverymuch.

Regardless if she picks him or not. The Wizard came to him, sensing his deep desire to help Lily, and convinced him into joining the game by promising he could cure Lily's illness. She gave me chills with her fearless determination in the face of the very real danger posed by Dong Chil.

Jisoo as a human retains his confidence and laid back attitude but shows that he is also very alluring and flirtatious upon his first meeting as a human. And mind you, Show did this consistently.

There's plenty of chemistry between the two actors even though they are decades apart in age. Well-written and executed with an assured hand, Angry Mom is a dark horse in dramaland that manages to be engaging, thought-provoking and consistent, in spite of its varying tones and sometimes difficult subject matter.

Kang Ja wears her badassery with poise throughout the show, facing all manner of threats and traps even when she herself is afraid or worried. His hair color fluctuates between black and dark brown during cutscenes, making the color inconsistent throughout the game but this could also be due to the lighting in certain scenes during cutscenes.

We all need a bestie like Gong Joo, I think. Not only does she totally look the part how youthful does she look, right? Jisoo and Heejung's first kiss. Jisoo as he appears in the epilogue of the good ending. He can be very jealous and overprotective, keeping tabs on Heejung when she goes out and is wary of strangers like Heejae.

At the same time, Show does an excellent job setting up our story so that in just the first 60 minutes, it becomes not only plausible, but even inevitable, that Mom Jo Kang Ja Kim Hee Sun take things into her own hands, because no one and nothing can be trusted to protect her daughter otherwise.

He has the most empathy out of the animals due to wanting to help Heejung and the love for his sister which was what brought him into the game in the first place.

Heejung names Jisoo first before the other love interests. Theirs was a bonding of wounded souls. Credit to the writers — and to Baro as well — that Sang Tae 2.

Jisoo as he appears in the epilogue of the bad ending.