Digital Cloud: Dandelion ~Wishes Brought To You~ Review Digital Cloud: Dandelion ~Wishes Brought To You~ Review

Dandelion dating sim jisoo in to the beautiful you. Dandelion wishes brought to you

He thought all the particles of air swishing past his fingers felt familiar. With his dry mouth he mumbled that something was weird, and it was only after he raised his head that he realized someone was sitting in front of him.

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Does she like apples like he does? Jihae clenched his other empty hand multiple times. But today, I thought why not give it a shot.

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While I'm not really into this kind of character archetypes, I found Jiwoo really growing on me despite his snob-nosery as his route progressed. Her dizzy view slowly calmed down. It was completely empty.

He reversed the world with light steps. He had his arms wide open as if greeting a customer.

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Despite its faults, Dandelion is a solid Otome game and one of the better otomes in English that I have come across There are some decent indie ones out there though.

The planned ending disappeared because of what he did but he was selfish and told himself it was fine. The only thing that I desired in that forever repeating memory is- You. It was at that moment. He wanted to hear the voice calling out his name, and wanted eyes that would see the whole world in all its glory instead of these blurry eyes.


But for the first and last time, you are saying them to me. I think it might be more than that. Then am I a sub-character that helps the leads and smoothes out the storyline?

His trembling eyelashes represented his feelings.

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I never thought you had it in you. Wait, did I just talk back to the computer? DO NOT try to get relationship points with everyone at the same timeeven though this will hurt your feelings.

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This is good for me as well. Open your eyes and listen to what I have to say right now.

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Heejung in the game gets flustered and says no. But once you turn around, it will always exist at the same place. He was flustered at how normal and insignificant the question was.

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It was more dense and humid. But he had no clear evidence. Jiwoo seemed offended by the blatant stare and frowned his eyebrows, but he still spoke first.

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So she lets Jiyeon get her into shitty situations that leave her crying and looking like crap all because she thinks the "real" Jiyeon will come back to her. My wish was fulfilled at least in my dreams. Jiyeon was covering her trembling sight. Simulation elements VNs with gameplay elements are always a plus for me.

I thought it was a dream.

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