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Does she get involved with anyone besides Jenny? As a man, I could ask questions and walk around at night.

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Over the course of the season, Moira comes out as a trans man, adopting the name Max Sweeney. We workshopped that for a while, and he came up with a script, and then we started shooting it the following year, which would be last spring. I always wear boys' clothes.

We did some theater stuff… but mostly it was music. Mia auditioned with me because my role is as her new romance. To be concentrating on that for five months was great for me.

I had studied it when I was younger, at Laney College in Oakland. I was also a musician, so I started playing in a band and then I started touring and I kind of left the acting thing behind, although I did do a lot of street theater in my coming years in Europe.

As an adult, she backpacked extensively through Europe and Central Asia, going so lorelai and luke dating divas as to pass as a man while traveling through India.

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She was also brought up with Catholic things, unlike me—my parents were total hippie artists. At one point in her world travels, she lived in India for eight months as a man. You ran away from home? So I followed my heart.

I played in some different punk bands. I felt it would give me better access to the culture.

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If I want to, people think I'm a boy. I don't feel anyone suspected anything.

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We talked to her the day after she returned to the New York apartment she shares with Bitch, following a whirlwind six months on the set of The L Word. Yeah, I ran away when I was 16 from L. I just learned so much. Sea currently plays in an unnamed music project with Will Schwartz.

I really loved the people I worked with, and it was a real communal feeling.

Daniela Sea

But I think growing up in L. At the same time I was working at my restaurant job in the West Village, and I was making myself a reel. Special Victims Unit as a transgender boy, playing a similar role to Max Sweeney. Do you feel that you resemble her at all, or are you totally different from her?

As a punk rocker, she and her band cross-dressed.

Interview with The L Word ‘s Daniela Sea

We set up lights in the house. I never felt threatened, like I do here. Basically we see [Moira and Jenny] fall in love and make their way to L.

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And my friends were so great; they took all my shifts for me, and I just flew out there, spent my last money on tickets, and I did the audition.

I don't feel like we've come that far.

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I guess another thing would be that the learning environment was so welcoming, and…I really feel like I made a lot of good bonds there with terrific directors.

It just seems like so much has opened up for queer people, you know? Her earliest memories are of the oceanlater inspiring her pseudonym. As the new recurring character, Moira, who falls in love with Jenny Schechter Mia KirshnerSea promises to bring a butch sensibility to the show that has been criticized for playing it too safe on the genderqueer spectrum.

How did you come to get this role on The L Word? What kind of musician are you? Actually she has a really sweet side also, as a lot of butches that we know do.

A town car came and picked me up at five in the morning, and by the next morning I was doing my first scenes. So what do you put on an audition tape? They wanted to see how we would work together.