Obama Flirting With Thai PM - Foreign Affairs - Nigeria Obama Flirting With Thai PM - Foreign Affairs - Nigeria

Danish prime minister and obama flirting with thai, obama flirting with thai pm - foreign affairs - nairaland

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Let the straight women focus on men, and you focus on swimming in the lady pond cougar lover I digs on me some asain women as well, its natural. I'm pretty sure Michel will be a little disturbed by those scenes.

Barack Obama selfie: All hail the Danish prime minister

He speaks to what is best inside us," Obama said when he addressed the gathering — and at times his wife appeared to agree. Healthy flirting is good. This is your President's "new friend," Yingluck Shinawatra. She also has previous form, as Danes will know if they remember the film of her approaching Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker earlier this year and saying: Hershey Since when is a lesbun the authority on a straight man flirting with a woman?

But the Danes do care much more than we do about electing their leader. How Mark Zuckerberg of them. Still, the two countries have faced strains, most recently after the military coup that deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, and Obama's visit offers an opportunity to restate and broaden the relationship.

Palm to palm is holy palmer's kiss. Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt in deep conversation.

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AprilRain Oh an, miss k- Its ok baby, come an have sum wit me prynsexxx I think he was too nervous to point out the fact that she has her dinner napkin caught in her suit jacket.

Obama kisses Aung San Suu Kyi at her residence - in another example of his hands-on diplomacy Together: Obama kisses Suu Kyi as he visited the country to encourage dramatic political reforms Affection: He said he appreciated the Thai prime minister's insights into Myanmar during their meetings on Sunday.

And was the selfie really all that bad? First, let's meet The Other Woman. Obama has eased sanction on the country, and his visit will be the first there by a sitting U. Obama and Shinawatra burst into laughter during the press conference A smiling Obama waved from the back seat of his armored Cadillac, which drove slowly alongside cheering crowds as he headed to a royal audience with Thailand's revered, ailing monarch, year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

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They are the hottest new power couple. One method she has explored to achieve this is to introduce a rule whereby employees must work for 12 minutes extra each day, equating to one extra hour of productivity across the week. The Secretary Suspects Hillary Clinton's got her eye on you.

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Yet you continue to disrespect president Obama. Is she our new Mommy and does this mean our old Mommy stops loving us?

Barack Obama and David Cameron pose for selfie with Danish PM | World news | The Guardian

Not flattering at all. Follow her on Twitter EmmaPearcee.

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Barack Obama jokes with Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Ima pray 4 u!!

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Is she his secret side piece? The statue is made of bricks and plaster and covered in gold leaf with mother-of-pearl inlay decorating the feet. Do we want our leaders to be more like real people whilst also introducing necessary and hard-hitting measures?


They are the Barack and Michelle of International Relations. Obama too is enjoying the attention. Obama has been in regular contact with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as with Egyptian and Turkish leaders who might hold sway with the Hamas leadership.

In stocking feet, the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton walked around a golden statue of a sitting Buddha. Obama's trip comes on the heels of meetings in Thailand between Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and his Thai counterparts on security and military cooperation on issues ranging from fighting weapons proliferation to disaster relief to countering piracy.

If an attractive man is close enough to an attractive woman, things happen- it is biological. Observing traditional custom, Obama took off his shoes as a saffron-robed monk led him and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton through the 18th century temple's stoned paved compound of multi-colored spires and chapels with hundreds of gilded Buddha images.

Who's That Lady with My President? Becoming a counterweight to China in the region is a keystone of Obama's so-called pivot to the Asia-Pacific region. Can one of these slick slit-eye hoes make a dolla to make him holla so he can save the jobs that are about to be cut due to tax hikes in ?

The Cameron-Obama-Thorning-Schmidt selfie soon went viral online, leading to a backlash from some who felt it was inappropriate behaviour for a funeral.