Barack Obama switches seats after flirting with Danish PM during Nelson Mandela ceremony - Barack Obama switches seats after flirting with Danish PM during Nelson Mandela ceremony -

Danish prime minister and obama flirting, andrea peyser

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AFP Then they whisper. Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt in deep conversation. Michelle Obama maintained her dignity and refused to join in the antics.

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Getty Images A little joke between two leaders. In her hometown, the year-old Dane is known for her wardrobe and sex appeal, gaining her the nickname 'Gucci Helle'.

It also shows that even when leaders meet, we are also normal people who have a good time together. They were honouring the life of South Africa's former president, who died aged Do we want our leaders to be more like real people whilst also introducing necessary and hard-hitting measures?

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He speaks to what is best inside us," Obama said when he addressed the gathering — and at times his wife appeared to agree.

Emma Pearce is a second year politics student at the University of Nottingham. One method she has explored to achieve this is to introduce a rule whereby employees must work for 12 minutes extra each day, equating to one extra hour of productivity across the week.

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And was the selfie really all that bad? Michele Obama, meanwhile, remains focused on Nelson Mandela's memorial service. This is a world away from British leaders who appear boring and dull in comparison. Barack Obama has been labelled " a hormone-ravaged frat boy on a road trip to a strip bar " after he was captured "flirting up a storm" with Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

She also has previous form, as Danes will know if they remember the film of her approaching Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker earlier this year and saying: Her good looks are thought to have played a part in her election win inwhen the most Googled word next to her name was 'naked'.

Obama Flirts With Danish Prime Minister Leaving Michelle Jealous - Politics - Nairaland

As Barack Obama and David Cameron joined tens of thousands of South Africans paying their respects to Nelson Mandela at a memorial service in Johannesburg, they took advantage of the unusual number of dignitaries gathered in one place to pose for a self-portrait with Helle Thorning-Schmidtthe Danish prime minister and daughter-in-law of Neil Kinnock.

Ignoring the etiquette tips that have proliferated online since 'selfie' was declared Oxford Dictionaries' word of the yearthe three world leaders appeared to momentarily forget the solemnity of the occasion, adopting the mandatory cheesy grins.

But many remarked that the world leaders were simply joining in the South African spirit of celebrating, rather than mourning, Mandela.

I can only imagine how the same folk will feel about this selfie.

Barack Obama and David Cameron pose for selfie with Danish PM

AP And get very well acquainted. Lizzie Post, etiquette expert at the Emily Post Institute, joins digits with etiquette tips for the Instagram age. Did Obama flirt with 'Danis AP It is like there is no one else in the stadium. But the Danes do care much more than we do about electing their leader.

I didn't see Mr Cameron wanting to be left out of the picture Follow her on Twitter EmmaPearcee.

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Lots of photos were taken of Obama, and I think it was just a little fun. Warwick's naked Calendar Girls have come out stronger 14 Oct She added: Helle Thorning-Schmidttalks to Michelle Obama.


AP Just Helle and Barack. Obama was photographed giggling, whispering, leaning in close to the woman labelled the "Danish tart" while his wife, Michelle, appeared to shoot daggers at the leggy blonde.

And one disapproving wife. Barack Obama jokes with Helle Thorning-Schmidt. The Cameron-Obama-Thorning-Schmidt selfie soon went viral online, leading to a backlash from some who felt it was inappropriate behaviour for a funeral.