Philadelphia 76ers are flirting with disaster Philadelphia 76ers are flirting with disaster

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Flirting With Disaster

And they have struggled on the road against poor teams. Danny Joe Brown Profile: After adding guitarist Duane Roland, bassist Banner Thomas, and drummer Bruce Crump and honing its Dixie-fried hard rock on the Southeast club circuit, Molly Hatchet issued its self-titled debut LP in the fall ofselling a million copies.

The Philadelphia 76ers, below a 4-seed, will play a majority of their playoff peta murgatroyd and maksim dating on the road against a challenging team.

Both the Cavaliers and the Pacers lost last night.

Danny Joe Brown

Lost in all the playoff talk is the fact that this Philadelphia 76ers team is just two seasons removed from 10 wins, and one season away from 28 wins.

As a matter of fact, they are just one win away of matching their win total from the previous two seasons. Still time to reclaim momentum The loss to the Indiana Pacers was a setback.

And that is a challenge.

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And when Robert Covington plays his brand of defense, and the team keeps the handle on the ball, and the bench delivers, this team can beat anybody. By rights, the team should emerge before going on the road to face the Orlando Magic.

At the age of 19, while a member of the U. InBrown teamed with lead guitarists David Hlubek and Steve Holland to form Molly Hatchet, so named in honor of the 17th century prostitute chopping off her clients' heads.

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Had the Philadelphia 76ers won that game, they would be in a three-way tie for the NBA Eastern Conference 4-seed with a rather favorable schedule. A team with post-season dreams, they are not a good road team. He died of renal failure at his home in Davie, FL, on March 10, The group went on hiatus in but returned four years later with Lightning Strikes Twice.

Comment The Philadelphia 76ers have not been to the playoffs under Coach Brown nor with this roster. Now they have to learn how to do all three things on the road. The record fared poorly, and Molly Hatchet soon dissolved for good, although a latter-day version of the group with none of its original lineup still intact played the club circuit well into the following century.

Now there is still plenty of season left to make a change in their rankings.

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But the post-season will not be nearly so kind. Right now, that looks like a steep climb from where this team is today. The follow-up, Flirtin' with Disaster, moved twice as many units, but as the band's commitments increased, Brown's struggle with diabetes grew more difficult, and exhaustion forced him to resign in That means they will need to win a road game against a 3-seed team Indiana Pacers and win all their home games to advance out of the first round.

And with the 76ers win, they are back to within striking distance. Brown retired from music for good after suffering a massive stroke in But they remain at the 6-seed for now.