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Dapic dvd player service center in bangalore dating, consumer complaints and reviews about dapic ds4800 dvd player

The DS with progressive scan and Dolby sound system is sure to exponentially enhance your digital multimedia experience. Can give a non stop speech for hours about the car, but when i hit the ICE, its a white board. But it was giving proper output when connected with the Pioneer HU.

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The Service responsibility for Coolpad devices is officially given to. I am planning to do a last check with a good ICE installer in Pune. This DVD player has a slide out tray loading input system with a single disc capacity.

Only DVD player parts inside.

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The parent control is a key feature on the DS as it gives you control to decide which discs or files can or cannot be accessed by children or anyone else. Originally Posted by DerAlte 1.

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Who tuned your system? Design The DS DVD Player sports a stylish and striking design feature, which at first glance can be attributed to its unconventional yet bold colour pattern.

It does not cover the fiber body, plastic body, Physical damage of Accessory or damage caused due to high voltage.

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The employees are well trained to troubleshoot the problems on your phone. It is partly to be expected, but if it is despite using external amp and components, there is something fundamentally wrong here 2.

Meanwhile, after going through all the inputs from ICE gurus in the forum, I will be doing some proper checks other than "Playing around".

Though you can buy the phones of the company through Snapdeal and Amazon, the service centres are not many in Bangalore.

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He had done the same for my old lancer and he did a good job on that. Also, he connected a Pioneer HU without changing the settings on the Amp and the sound reproduction was excellent.


It has been only a few years since the Chinese smartphone maker has entered the Indian market. Tuning was done by a nearby shop guy in kerala.

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With the presence of video enhancing technologies like progressive scan, the DVD player is capable of playing video in both widescreen I am sorry about thatit is 6x9 ovals, mounted on the parcel shelf.

What exectly do you feel is lacking? Please help on car music system: They will not be able to claim the free service through the warranty policy of the company and there are chances for being deceived.

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The bottom portion of the front panel appears in a contrasting black which houses the USB port at its extreme right. The service centre is situated at the Richmond Road in Bangalore and offers service for Coolpad tablets and mobile phones.

The availability of composite video output and S-Video output together with the progressive scan feature enables the Dapic DS to produce clear and stunning picture quality.

It is always advised to visit an Authorised Service Centre for proper service, recovery of operating system or any other repair that has to be done for the proper functioning of the device.

Warranty does not cover any accessories external to the system. This feature enables the player to display graphical information superimposed over the video without exiting the video mode.

Customers can visit this service centre for after the sale service, repair of their phones and its accessories.

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Was it tuned at all? By lacking feel, I meant that the sound seems too flat. Read all details Description The very versatile DS DVD Player from Dapic comes loaded with a sizable collection of high-tech features and extra functions purely aimed at taking your digital entertainment to the next level.

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It seems like no bass is reproduced by the speakers even if i set the bass at max. The extreme ease of use and convenience that comes with the integrated remote control and a USB port along with the presence of parental control, this DVD player is sure to take you to a whole new level in quality digital entertainment.

Thanks a lot DerAlte for the reply. The presence of a coaxial audio output with the Dolby Pro Logic II sound system makes sure that the impressive video is matched with stunning sound quality. The inclusion of an integrated remote control unit is great boon to the user as it considerably increases the convenience factor by enabling full hands-free control.

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MH 14, KL 44 Posts: The coming together of special features like progressive scan and Dolby Pro Logic II gives the DS a clear edge in terms of being able to produce excellent picture quality with life-like sound. It is the only Authorised Service Centre in Bangalore. The boomy resonant bass can prevent other parts of music being heard well if it is a tad too loud and the brain is rebelling I doubt if it will be a hopelessly lost case for you if you go about it systematically, instead of just 'playing around'.

Buying Tips The process of buying your DVD player requires special attention to its special features and functions. Now searching the forum to identify someone.