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Darkseid vs Apocalypse

Apocalypse can stretch or contort his limbs and body into a multitude of shapes and sizes, with elasticity and flexibility far beyond the natural human limits. He enjoys movies, books, comics, and trivia. His knowledge in various areas of science and technology including physics, engineering, and primarily genetics and biology, is far more advanced than conventional science; even Beast needed Apocalypse's expertise in biology to cure Xavier of a techno-organic virus.

Lord S Originally posted by armandovalles I'm going with Apocalypse.


His power set has been greatly expanded since then, and he has displayed immense strength, near invulnerability, rapid regeneration, energy absorption, and projection. En Sabah Nur Strengths: Anything Darkseid disintegrates with the Omega Effect can be brought back at any time by him, and he often uses this as a form of punishment.

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Darkseid is also, being a god, virtually immortal. Oh, and by the way, I'm talking about the mainstream Apocalypse here, not that poser AoA one.


Darkseid can also project the Omega Effect as energy blasts from his hands. These two gray-skinned baddies are bad news for whatever planet they land on, much less in unbridled combat with one another. Darkseid commands all the vast military and technological resources of Apokolips. He is also a master strategist; Apocalypse revealed to his Skrull allies during the gathering of the Twelve that he had been precisely preparing his plans for centuries, using hundreds of generations of pawns and peons, both human and mutant, all to reach the specific end goal of evolving to a level of darkseid vs apocalypse yahoo dating beyond even the Celestials themselves.

A better question is So I think it would come down to Thanos and Apocalypse. He sometimes possesses the ability to increase his size.

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Apocalypse has complete control over the molecular structure of his body — he can alter his form as it suits him; examples include allowing his body vand med salt og sukker dating become extremely malleable, changing his density, and even increasing his size and strength by taking on additional mass from an extra-dimensional source.

Apocalypse is a skilled demagogue, able to turn former adversaries to his side.

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He has been known to increase his strength levels beyond those of the Hulk. I admit, I am mainly against him because I have never seen him pick on someone his own size.

I mean, he killed Superman, big deal, the second time around he got his ass handed to him by Supes. To top it all off, Darkseid is a master tactician who relishes manipulating people and events.

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Powers and Abilities Darkseid is among the most powerful New Gods, sometimes depicted with a variety of god-like abilities at his disposal. I think he's way overrated.

Thanos Vs Darkseid Vs Doomsday Vs Apocolypse

He has been referred to as an External on several occasions; however, his longevity is believed by Selene as mostly due to technological means. In time, being worshiped as a god, En Sabah Nur learned that he is an ageless immortal of aging and used that knowledge in a campaign to make the world one of "growth, judgment, and destruction.

Darkseid is a bad mofo, but it would come down to doomsday and thanos. Marcus Varner writes for ClassesandCareers. Superman got completely owned the second time, and had to dump him at the end of time to stop him The third time Superman beat up the Jokerized or Sentient Doomsday, but didn't kill him or anything.

He does not need sustenance of any kind, and his body produces practically no fatigue toxins during physical activity, enabling him to exert himself at peak capacity indefinitely.

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He has a lot of powers but has anyone ever seen him go toe to toe in a knockdown dragged out fight, with someone as immensely powerful as he is. He is able to form various weapons e.

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Tell us why in the comments below. He also possesses strong psionic abilities when he wants to. That's cause you've never seen Apoc ever fight anyone of any real caliber.

Darkseidsupreme monarch of the hell-planet Apokolips, and Apocalypsethe Forever Walker.

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This left him weakened as his high priests, fearing, sealed him away in his Eye of the Ages status chamber and placed it in the Himalayan Mountains behind three doors. CBM will disable users who knowingly commit plagiarism, piracy, trademark or copyright infringement.

You know the drill! I am the rocks of the eternal shore. And what badder villains are there in the two universes than these: Cosmic Cube Doesn't "Sentient Doomsday" have the same powers as his predecessor?

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Apocalypse is - by far - the youngest and least experienced of the four combatants. Darkseid has pinpoint control over his Omega Beams, and his unerring aim allows them to travel in straight lines, bend, twist, or curve around corners, and can pass through matter and energy.

Thanks to his mutant power of immortality, Apocalypse is immune to aging. He's reborn with immunities that prevent the same level of damage from taking place the second time around, that doesn't mean being physically killed once makes it impossible to be done again.

ZephroCarnelian Thanos takes this. Perhaps his greatest weapon would be his ability to switch into other host bodies to revive his body. It seems doomsday is a bit better than superman but still no match for Thanos. Doomsday is quite a bit older, Thanos is several times older and Darkseid is basically an ancient god.

After living several centuries, he further augmented himself by Celestial technology, though it is unclear to what degree these enhancements granted him any additional powers beyond what he already possessed.

Darkseid generally does not rely on physical combat, despite his great might and being a highly trained Apokoliptian warrior; he is a master schemer and strategist possessing a superhuman intellect.

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