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What is the Junior Doctors New Deal? But managers claim the new questionnaires filled in by junior doctors, on which the new pay system is based, have led to massive increases in the numbers of non-compliant doctors.

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Thank you for visiting oneHR. Contract dispute in England[ edit ] Main article: Things came to a head duringwhen junior doctors threatened strike action if improvements were not introduced.

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The new contract for junior doctors sets out a maximum hour week, although the ultimate aim is to reduce this to 48 hours, in line with the phasing in of the European working time directive.

Training may be extended by obtaining an Academic Clinical Fellowship for research or by dual certification in another speciality. The BMA claims that junior doctors' time could be used more appropriately, with routine tests performed before a junior doctor is involved and reducing administrative duties.

In fact, a so-called "new deal" was introduced nearly a decade ago, into put an end to the ridiculous hours worked by some doctors.


The British Medical Association puts this down to "under-reporting" of work levels under the old system. I got a post of speciality doctor in gastro for basic salary of The increases sound enormous?

The new pay deal, which came into dating a junior doctor band on December 1provides hospitals with clear financial and contractual incentives to reduce hours and work intensity. Share via Email What is a junior doctor? Subsequently, there has been considerable speculation around whether the availability of consultants was a factor.

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Junior doctors can spend up to ten years working in the speciality training grade. Remember, these supplements are replacing the previous overtime or out-of-hours payments. Tuition fees in the United Kingdom Doctors pay professional annual fees to maintain registration with the General Medical Council and medical indemnity cover.

How much does that doctor make? Pay Scales for Junior Doctors in Changes were needed to ensure patient safety was not compromised, as well as to treat junior doctors fairly.

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There are major concerns about patients being treated by extremely tired doctors. Why have they got a new pay deal? Hunt said the strike was "very disappointing", but declined the appeal for arbitration at this time.

Hospital managers are currently examining this. The website is designed to provide you with easy access to online HR advice, policies and guidelines.

In this section you can easily access the information you need for all Payroll forms and procedures.

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But, despite major progress, many junior doctors continue to work unacceptably long hours with inadequate rest periods. How many doctors are currently working more than 56 hours? The survey suggests that, on average, an acute trust would need an extra 17 junior doctors to reach compliance, although teaching hospitals will have to recruit far higher numbers.

What is the cost to the NHS? If junior doctors' hours are reduced, won't it take longer to train them?

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Emergency care was still provided. The methodology meant that drawing firm conclusions was unwise with correlation not implying causation. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

After a five-year financial battle at university, junior doctors earn fairly good money straight after graduation, though tackling the complex pay banding system may make them wish they'd studied maths. Also, given that juniors have to be supervised by consultants, an average of four additional consultants would be needed in each trust.

How long are junior doctors expected to work now?

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The system means that the most experienced junior doctors receiving the maximum banding can earn up to This page contains every Medical and Dental Pay and Conditions Circular Im training in psychiatry and have been working for the NHS for more than five years.

But there is no doubt junior doctors will be better off.

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That includes everyone from the most junior doctors, who are straight out of medical school, to pre-registration house officers, senior house officers and specialist registrars.

This bonus is based on the extra hours that you work above a 40 hour normal working week. There are some 39, junior doctors across the UK, with more than 30, working in the English health service.

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These talks ran into serious problems when the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Huntappeared willing to impose items from the Conservative election manifesto upon junior doctors in England.

This could lead to reduced working times without impacting on training. Dear Jeremy Hunt, Im a junior doctor. How many junior doctors are there?

You can find the pay scales for doctors and junior doctors below.

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Junior Doctor Salary Watch. A research paper published inlooked retrospectively at data from ; the study observed an increase in day mortality for people admitted to hospital on Saturday and Sunday, compared to mid-week days.

BMA Junior doctors Payband Calculator

Sixteen Theme by InkHive. Find out what it's like to work as a doctor in Jersey, including salary and the recruitment process.

What you need to Training may be extended by pursuing medical research usually 2—3 yearsusually with clinical duties as well Pay and conditions[ edit ] This section needs to be updated.