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For new fangirls, I might give them some slack, but they should know better to write those comments without suffering the consequences from the professional fangirls. I swear I think these fangirls go apeshit over this and want to nuke the celebrity, and the sad thing is that delusional fangirls flock together, meaning they attack in teams.

Be you, a Korean man trying to find love or a lovely lady hoping to find the man that will make you happy, as long as you stay determined to the happiness you seek, it will find its way to you.

Lastly, I will be turning off comments, but keeping the site open. There are many singles out there who are good-hearted people just looking to find a life mate or someone to love honestly, but end up alone simply because of what Kpop has done to the Asian dating scene.

Kpop is cool and unbelievably glamorous; full of Korean men and women with impeccable physiques and figures, flawless skin, massive amounts of talent, and personalities to die for, that have contractual wardrobe budgets that equate to the buyout cost of a five-bedroom house in Los Angeles and dedicated teams of professionals to help uphold a standard of beauty, so high that plastic surgery has become not only common place in South Korea but as an expectation.

She has shown she can be flirt pole dog toy and also kick butt while singing live and dancing at the same time. They go out of their way to see beyond the glitz and glamour of Kpop; taking language courses, applying for international study opportunities, going back to school, attending Korean churches, exploring K-towns around the globe, making friends all over the world, and reading into the wee hours of the night; just to get to know what South Korea is really all about.

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You never know what can happen until you try. I think she can last for a long, long time looking at her talent. Dating a kpop fan girl, for the lack of better term, desperation, has led to an overall disdain for anything Kpop related and has created a divide in the international interracial dating scene that is very reminiscent of that which now resides in South Korea.

She even posted a picture of her bloody pad as proof.

A KPOP Fangirl’s Guide Around Seoul

Unfortunately, just like regular dating, everything is trial and error. The on Crazy K-pop Fangirls January 22, Guest 80 [Warning — if you are an overly sensitive, overly obsessive K-pop fangirl, you are advised to leave this post immediately.

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Lee shared her story of going from being a big girl to a petite girl, and afterwards she took a commemorative picture with Kangin from Super Junior and uploaded it to the internet. Therefore my insulation from the rabid fans gives me a lot less to talk about. Her vocals are strong and performances very solid.

I know there's enough material to write about BTS stans until the end of time, and trust me, I know as I made an awful mistake in dating a Kpop fan who also happened to stan BTS, I know.

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Before I go on, let me just put it out there that this does not pertain to all fangirls of K-pop. You see many old, broke boxers try to make a comeback just for it to not work out. There are many intelligent fangirls that understand the balance between entertainment and life, but a good amount of K-pop fangirls are CRAZY, and yes I did, I said it: The best way to defeat these fangirls is to open the blinds.

So of course- there had to be one more list by none other than me! I am used to their voices together and they compliment each other very well. We all came together to create at least one space in the Kpop media sphere where a diverse set of opinions could be shared in an entertaining fashion.

And, as we are expected to do, we fans fall for all of it hook, line, and sinker. Delusional Fangirls This is what happens when Section 1 girls go Super Saiyan or something like that. I am happy with everyone who has helped AKF during its run. Living under these already well-established societal pressures and standards, Korean men are finding it harder and harder to find someone to spend their life with.

She has a great voice and impressive vocals with an amazing range.

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This site has featured people from all races, all genders even someone who identifies as a vibrator! Anyway, there are some good performances of her out there: With the expanding popularity of Kpop added into the mix, dating has become nearly impossible. Everything thing they do, is dedicated to the oppa sand these girls treat the oppa s like they are God.

I hear they are weak to sunlight. These girls are the ones that get on my nerves. Artists are groomed, trained, instructed, and monitored from the very beginning to conform to a specific set of variables that the movers and shakers in the industry have set so that artists can become relevant and stay appealing to the Kpop masses in both a generalized and personalized way for as long as possible.

She is among the most popular solo artists of Kpop right now.

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I think she always does a great job- be it singing or dancing. But even with these singles, and their altruistic love for more than just Kpop, the dating scene is a disaster on both ends.

Anti Kpop-Fangirl

She has remained very consistent in all of her performances. She has been popular in Japan and South Korea too. I know closing this site won't help alleviate that, but I have found out that being around less Kpop fans online makes it that much more fun to enjoy.

She has an incredible voice and hold over her vocals.

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She blows my mind whenever she sings. Seems unfair, does it not? Another example are the WTF! I am yet to see a performance of hers where she has disappointed me. So everyone knows who 2PM is right?

Listen to her now!

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