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IAmA 'devotee' - a person with a My first impression was that Steven was super sarcastic which I loved and that he was way more active than I would have imagined.

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After that, she was asked to write a book and, as a result, launched her writing career. The couple dated for less than year before getting engaged.

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What is the attraction, why did they fall in love? What would Seifer do if Squall was injured so badly he would never fight or even walk again? I was traveling a great deal and enjoyed my freedom. He enjoys off-roading in the desert, adaptive wakeboarding, working out his upper body and pretty much anything that allows him to be active.

Friends worried that he might not know what he was getting into and suggested they spend a weekend away together first, but both felt that the idea would go against their religious views—the same views they consider the backbone of their marriage.

The best advice I can give is to go into it with an open mind.

He lives a better life, happier life, and more adventurous life than most able bodied people. How have your friends and family reacted to your relationship?

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Sometime in midlife, he was faced with depression. A quadriplegic's personal assistant plans a very special week Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4.

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The biggest physical challenges are really the things that I would normally take for granted. Not just fly fishing, but she always looks out for my interests and makes me love her that much more.

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The couple has only grown closer over the years, and they are an inspiration to all couples who live with the challenges that arise from disabilty. If you have a similar story, what challenges have you faced during your marriage?

I fell in love with her. Have you faced any particular challenges? Steven is the strong one by far. A publisher who saw her on the "Today Show" asked if she would write a book. Not everyone in his situation can be so positive.

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Pretty paraplegic swimmer climbs out of the pool and transfers from the ground into her wheelchair. Also, his disability has turned him into the person that he is.

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Dreams Can Come True: Tell us a bit about yourself! He taught during the day and did all the shopping after work. What advice would you give to others dating or interested in someone who has mobility issues?

Posts about quadriplegic devotee fiction written by rolliwrites devoteejournal December 30th, That surprised me at first because before him I had never really known anyone in a wheelchair and had some pretty stereotypical ideas.

Do you have any questions for Paige? She suddenly realized that she was as helpless as a real quadriplegic. I will be your support and stand with you to get through this.

This story may be Ruth Madison's Romance Novels and more.

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The couple dated for a year before he proposed. I'm not dead yet. Communicating was a "freeing experience," according to the couple, and has continued to be a linchpin throughout their long marriage. Theirs is a universal story about the power of faith and communication to strengthen any marriage.