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D For steel shot or dating website software reviews use IC or Cylinder choke tubes.

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The chokes are right hand thread. Second, I am going to look into the feasibility of having some kind of peep or ghost ring sight installed. Do not attempt to copy at home anything you see in our videos.

That alone will increase the gun's accuracy potential. I'm looking to get a semi pro camcorder.


Please do give them a call for prices on kit you've seen that you may be after including NV and Thermal. While the addition of a scope did decrease group sizes, the optic changed the profile and balance of the gun in a way I found less than appealing.

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Make sure that you do not cross thread the chokes and after use remove the choke tube and clean the choke tube threads and location in the barrel where the choke tube thread into.

C Never shoot the shotgun with a partially installed choke tube.

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Handle choke tubes carefully since the leading edge is very thin. Even without such changes, the MP94 will definitely make a highly versatile woods gun for a variety of purposes.

What you want to see at the junction of the barrel and tube, is the tube edge below the barrel. The IC or Cylinder choke tubes are the only tubes that can be used with slugs.

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A big thanks to Premire Pest Services for allowing me to come along and film. You may also use your finger to feel that the barrel is above the tube at the junction I also want to say a big thanks to MGR Guns for continued support.

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G Before using the shotgun make sure that the choke tubes are installed correctly: A Before working with screw choke tubes make sure the gun is completely unloaded.

You can do that here: Additional information on screw choke tubes: The rate of twist of the. If you see the tube and not the barrel ring, then the tube is either installed too tight or damaged.

Value of a lightly used Baikal IZH-43 "bounty hunter II"

Shot at 25m using a variety of ammunition. Firearms can be extremely dangerous if not used safely. Hopefully I'll see you there. All shooting in our videos is done by professional shooters for instructional and entertainment purposes, with an emphasis on safety and responsible gun ownership.

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We were able to shoot even more than last time. H Keep choke tubes lubricated and installed. Careful that your finger does not become stuck in the tube. F Correctly installed choke tubes: The gun's overall length is only 40 inches which will likely make it well suited to the thickly forested terrain I typically hunt.

The model I ordered consists of a The ring that you will see is caused by the barrel not the tube.

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B Only tighten or loosen choke tubes with flat key wrench supplied with shotgun. However, I will be making a few improvements to the gun as I can afford them.

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Please visit my blog http: One little thing people may be able to help my with is upgrading some of my recording equipment.

These descriptions were last updated on The MP 94 is clearly capable of doing what I need it to, which is taking all manner of game at common woods ranges.

Value of a lightly used Baikal IZH "bounty hunter II" | The High Road

Take care, stay safe and happy shooting. Check your choke tube after each use or every rounds.

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It manufactured by Kalashnikov the makers of the ak 47 and the Saiga shotgun.