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Dating bc rich nj series bass, usa models:

Dating a BC Rich by serial

The import guitar models before November of have a serial number starting with the letter "F", the USA models do not. I was told that it's a USA, but that's all I got. CheesebuiscutJun 3, Anyone in the field should view them, as well as read his dating bc rich nj series Online I chased his friendship for a few months and just enjoyed learning about his culture.

I'd think there were mixed pieces. Not even the Japanese guys I've talked to remember that. This is completely incorrect - N. Other features[ edit ] Like Rickenbacker and JacksonB. Riches were made in New Jersey. In the yearthey changed to the letters "BO" Bolt On and three digits B0XXXwhich was the actual production number, but there was no number stating the year the guitar was built.

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This started on the January models. Rich guitars come in a variety of shapes, ranging from more conventional styles e.

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Rich terminology refers to the origin of manufacture being Nagoya Japan. After all, the Ricos were part to end the knock-offs by Aria, Ibanez, and the other unimaginative guitar companies in Japan and to offer a Rich guitar for less money.

Rich Warlock model in the early s helped push B.

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You'll cheapen the line in the publics eye. Rich models and stay within. Eagle[ edit ] This model was made popular by Brad Whitford of Aerosmith and Neil Giraldo guitarist and also husband of Pat Benatar also played his Eagle on some of her early albums and videos. Rich Guitar info Guitarsite B.

Early in the s Neal Moser was brought on board to design and supervise the electronics. What I can tell is its a late 80's early 90's guitar.

BC Rich NJ Series value?

He added the feet on winged guitars like the Rich Bich, which was one of his designs. Hi, I have a Iron Bird and the serial starts with I, It's an import for sure but, what year as made?

I am not good with computers and am not sure if i'm doing this right. Have an amp, effects pedal or other instrument? Dating bc rich nj series Dating bc rich nj series Guitars can be a disconcerting shopping decision, when you consider the wide range of attributes to compare.

Rich over the use of the Rico brand name, and the first shipment of Did the Czech builders use crappy pots and does this serial reveal anything? Then, the ads and the lawsuit. BUT I recently bougt an older B. Good luck to you. Rich guitars - Most Bronze and Platinum series models are bolt-on necks, like Fender.

These electronics were originally designed by Neal Moser [ citation needed ], who had been helping with bone crafted parts and many set ups in the custom shop.

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This electronics package continues to this day on higher-end models. He gave it to his kid and who knows what happened to it. Bernie was going to Japan quite a bit.

This headstock and logo are similar to the early NJ series. Used - case and guitar see pictures for overall condition - will need at least one string.

Finally it morphed into the Eagle shape with no sharp points. Its popularity continues with players such as Slayer guitarist Kerry King.

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Most of the Rico? The Mockingbird model experienced a resurgence in the early s through Guns N' Roses lead guitarist Slash after he played one on the Use Your Illusion world tour.

It has the sideways R on the headstock kahler trem and its a one piece not bolt on neck. Bernardo Rico, the man behind B.

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After Class Axe took over there were a number of different serial schemes designated for the American, Asian and Bolt-on guitars. Rich and they were used until B. Rico The import guitar lines started in She also needs to be fun and exciting — always up for having a good time.

The original prototype is currently owned by Dan Lawrence.

BC Rich NJ Series value?

Moser's is the koa prototype. I have one of these as well. By the late 80's around 87??

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In DiMarzio agreed to build wax-potted, 4-conductor pickups for B. Dating bc rich nj series - Al does good work and only does what is required.

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See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Later, at some point, don't ask me when, I thought the NJs were a very nice basic guitar. Since more than guitars were produced many years, the numbers became increasingly inaccurate through the s, ending up about 4 years behind i.

The guitar is a 99 and it is an import not a usa.