Browning Sweet Sixteen Named Browning Sweet Sixteen Named "Shotgun of the Year" by Sporting Classics Magazine

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The beauty of Kinematic Drive is the simplicity of design for consistent, reliable function with any load and under the full extremes of weather, temperature, moisture and grime.

Gun Test: Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen Shotgun

It had such a beautiful ring of a finely designed spring mechanism when a shell was loaded. The 16 was squeezed out of production in the quantities that priced it comparable with the 12 and 20 for a reason.

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The Auto-5 16 was all steel, and its weight reflected it, coming in at slightly more than 7 pounds. Pattern testing at 40 yds. If you've got a quick question, you can try to get an answer from sites that say they have various specialists on hand to give quick darth vader soundboard newgrounds dating A well designed 16 gauge is closer in weight to a 20 gauge, with a shot payload nearer the 12 gauge, and patterning that bests them both.

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Prices range from 22 to 32 cents per round before shipping depending upon selection. Being of 21st century design, the Sweet Sixteen comes with three choke tubes—Improved Cylinder 0. Ditto the Stevens pre made for a short time the 16 ga. The factory light 20 A-5 did not come with a pad, but with a butt plate with FN marked on it.

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There has never been a more important time to join the NRA and now Daily Caller readers can enjoy special pricing and benefits. If all of your experts are half as good, you have a great thing going here. First he made sure it was not loaded, pulled the hammer back and let it fall on the recoil pad, to show me it was unsafe.

As for reloading, yeah, 16 gauge shotshells are more expensive than 12s and 20s. RobinElkton, Maryland He answered my question promptly and gave me accurate, detailed information.

Fabrique Nationale, in Belgium, made the Auto-5 for 75 years, and then production moved to Miroku, in Japan, for the next 23 years.

What is the manufacturing date for sweet 16 browning shotgun model xo

What is the manufacturing date of a Sweet 20 Browning shotgun with 'oz' above the serial ? Dad had modified the trigger to a hair trigger. Call me at There is no "Sweet 20".

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Produced first in ga. As the Auto-5 aged, Browning introduced a more modern inertia-operated gun, the A, which later was renamed the AR. Your shotgun should have a gold trigger and a round pistol grip.

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If you are hunting upland game their is no finer caliber as I have used this gauge along with other gauges since Dad would shoot steel balls at rabbits when he was a teenager.

The humpback receiver profile increases the length of the sighting plane to give you the same advantage the first Auto 5s were famous for. Not only the gauge, but frankly, I thought the A-5 would finally go the way of the A and B along with passenger pigeon, as the newer gas operated scatterguns are so much more effective in terms of soft recoil and mass weight.

The number of parts as well as the time consuming disassembly of this antiquated design make the A-5 one of my least desireable models to work on or to re-blue. Frischkorn January 29,9: The cosmetics of the gun are quite nice.

JustAnswer in the News: The information your looking for can be found on the High Standard Collectors Association web page under links or GOOGLE "john stimsons high standard data",hope this helps You are restoring a browning sweet sixteen for a friend Serial number Is there anyway to determine the date of manufacture and value on this shotgun Barry Brandon Ms?

Because gas does not operate the action, cleaning should be minimal. Even the forend nut is aluminum. ALL of those shells are available today with a little searching. When I first took it in, I told the gunsmith about the trigger.

Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information I needed to know. Right view of the new Browning A5 One Sweet Sixteen 16 gauge hunting shotgun Left view of the new Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen 16 gauge hunting shotgun The least we can say about the new Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen shotgun is that it has some seriously strong points in its favor.

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Frischkorn January 29, As usual, it was a pain to get gauge shells. Browning certainly has faith in it. If i had seen the 16 i would bought it instead of the camo one. Sweet 16's have not been manufactured since Then again, so are 3-inch magnum turkey loads, non-toxic waterfowl loads; and have you priced a box of gauge or.

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The original Auto-5 was very popular, and everyone recognized its unique humpback profile. What people did comment on was the stock fit. While barrel is pushed down, unscrew the magazine cap up and off.

It was his favorite for putting birds on the table.

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That said, I do believe that there are some warts. Most authors give credit to Crescent Fire Arms, but there must have been others after Crescent went out of business. Many of mine have been handed down to family members. You can see the pits in the inside of the barrel where the ball bearings hit.