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After a bit it started to fail to fully cycle these light shells until I gave it a few squirts of oil. And look at the pistol grip of both versions. What a sweet shooter. Loading the gun was convenient using the Speed Loading Plus feature.

A properly built 16 — one whose receiver is carved from an aviation-grade block of aluminum or a high-grade, lightweight steel alloy truly is a delight to shoot and carry. The gun comes with a ,round or five-year guarantee. First is the usual one for semi-autos: In shooting patterns and hunting pheasants in the field, however, recoil was perceived to be mild.

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I love 16 gauge and when I found one in the pawn shop I bought it. The issue is the price of the rounds. I shoot mine a lot, and I never had any problems with mine. Browning keep your newer made crap I am not dumb enough to waste my money on your trash.

I have a Belgen made round knob Sweet 16 that look sbrand new, also have the light 12 and light 20 to match. The new A5 would be a good treasure for me to buy somewhere down besser flirten mit diesen tipps cuny road.

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He tired it out and said that is not safe, let me show you. For more information, contact Browning Arms Yeah, I guess some compromises are required in building any firearm, the Sweet 16 included. You can find them on eBay periodically and at Gunbroker. It also can release a shell from the magazine to be loaded into the chamber.

Because gas does not operate the action, cleaning should be minimal.

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Then the spring in the stock forces the bolt forward to chamber the new shell and close the bolt. Now look at the pic of the classic A5 Sweet Refer to the Auto 5 owners manual. The new line of Browning A5 hunting shotguns for the US market.

Its weight is closer to a gauge, making it more wieldy.

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For those who like to carry an autoloader in the field and have been smitten by gauge lust, the Browning Sweet Sixteen delivers. I have had to special order non-toxic ammo though.

EstherWoodstock, NY Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns. JustAnswer in the News: Drop the shell into the ejection port and push the bolt-closing button, then put the next shell in the magazine.

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Cabelas usually has it online or in the stores. It was and still is a great gun! When was your browning sweet 16 made sn? How much is a Browning Sweet 16 model worth?

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Prices range from 22 to 32 cents per round before shipping depending upon selection. But in this case, with such a heavy pull, the creep actually made the trigger feel softer.

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Love this gunhow it feels in my handshow easy it is to clean ,and the way it points and shoots. Right view of the new Browning A5 One Sweet Sixteen 16 gauge hunting shotgun Left view of the new Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen 16 gauge hunting shotgun The least we can say about the new Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen shotgun is that it has some seriously strong points in its favor.

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What people did comment on was the stock fit. I have the original paperwork, sales receipt and City of Chicago permit.

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Will there be a sweet 16 in my gun cabinet?. The gun comes with three of the new Invector DS screw chokes. They run sale pricing quite frequently. The original Auto-5 was beautifully hand engraved, which would add a prohibitive cost today.

It was almost like watching a video filmed in southern Nebraska. None of the others who shot the gun commented on the pull. The trigger is easily detached by pushing out two cross pins and giving it a yank. Many of mine have been handed down to family members. I keep them clean and they keep on going without a hiccup.