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The typical weather of eastern part of Sichuan is featured with balmy winter, temperate summer, profuse rainfall and fog, intense humidity and very mild sunshine. One of the outstanding features of urban settlement is the concentration of cities on river terraces, notably along the Yangtze River.

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The region was torn by constant warfare and economic distress as it was besieged by the Tibetan Empire. Multi ethnic regional culture, a number of heritage zones of this province are surrounded by Verdant mountain ranges, gushing Fountains, Caves and ravines.

The Special District later became the province of Xikangincorporating the areas inhabited by Yi, Tibetan and Qiang ethnic minorities to its west, and eastern part of today's Tibet Autonomous Region.

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It is the spinal cord of the river transportation system. It has freed the plain from the hazard of floods and droughts and ensured the agricultural prosperity of the basin.

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Notable cultural dating county sichuan province map in Chengdu include a memorial hall dedicated to the 3rd-century-ce adviser Zhuge Liang and the cottage of the 8th-century poet Du Fu.

Soils There are six major soil regions—three in the east and three in the west. Notable among these is Sichuan University, in Chengdu, which traces its roots to and acquired its present configuration in by incorporating Chengdu University of Science and Technology and West China University of Medical Science.

Two of the most interesting indigenous animal species are the pandaor bear catand the lingyang a special jokiu kliuciu online dating of antelope. Petroleum and natural gas are often located together and are widely spread throughout the province, especially in the Zigong area.

To the east the rugged Wu Mountainsrising to about 6, feet 2, metrescontain the spectacular Yangtze Gorges.

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Climate The eastern basin area and the lower western valleys are sheltered from cold polar air masses by the surrounding mountains. Agriculture and forestry Most of the population of Sichuan earn their livelihood from agriculture, and a large portion of the provincial exports are agricultural products.

Because of its geographic isolation, inaccessibility, extensive area, large population, and virtual economic self-sufficiency, Sichuan has served periodically as a bastion in its own right.

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In Sichuan a form of soil erosion known as soil creep has developed. Qin dynasty[ edit ] The rulers of the expansionist Qin dynastybased in present-day Gansu and Shaanxiwere the first strategists to realize that the area's military importance matched its commercial and agricultural significance.

Natural gas has been used for centuries in the production of brine salt. Irrigation is widely practiced in the terraced fields, and numerous methods and devices are employed.

Manufacturing There has been considerable industrial development since the s, and Sichuan has become the most industrialized province of southwestern China. Also produced are handwoven cloth, embroidery, porcelain, carved stone, bamboo mats and carved bamboo, and silver and copper items.

The most important iron deposits are along the southern and western plateau areas; those of the western sector are of high-quality titaniferous magnetite associated with vanadium. Following the declining central government of the Han dynasty in the second century, the Sichuan basin, surrounded by mountains and easily defensible, became a popular place for upstart generals to found kingdoms that challenged the authority of Yangtze Valley emperors over China.

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To the south the transverse mountain belt of eastern Tibet and western Yunnan province rises to an average of 9, to 10, feet 2, to 3, metres. During this Six Dynasties period of Chinese disunity, Sichuan began to be populated by non- Han ethnic minority peoples, owing to the migration of Gelao people from the Yunnan—Guizhou Plateau to the Sichuan basin, where the Han are indigenous.

The Yi reside in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in the southwest, while the Tibetans are distributed in the plateau region of the west.

The mountain and the Leshan Giant Buddha carved into a hillside in the region were collectively designated a World Heritage site in The Sichuan Basin has a good natural environmentabounds in specialty products, and commands an ample labour force.

During the war with JapanChongqing then in the province was the seat of the Nationalist government from to ; the Japanese were never able to penetrate the area.

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Deng Xiaoping was born in Sichuan. However, the province is best known as the principal home of the world-famous and highly endangered giant pandawhose habitat is now largely confined to a series of protected areas in the mountains of central Sichuan; these reserves collectively were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in Completely integrated industrial sectors produce high-quality machinery, electronics, metallurgical products, chemicals, building materials, foodstuffs, and silk.

Other principal cash crops include sugarcanepeanuts groundnutscottontobaccosilkworm cocoons, and tea.

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Some military-related projects and institutions were relocated to Sichuan beginning in the mids, and these also were a great boon to other cities in the province, notably Mianyang. Qin administrators introduced improved agricultural technology. Transportation Of the problems facing Sichuan, none is more important and more acute than that of transportation.

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Official figures recorded a death toll of nearly 70, people, and millions of people were left homeless. The ethnic groups, however, enjoy their own mode of life and preserve their language and cultural traditions with a minimum of interference by the Han-controlled provincial government.

Sichuan was known as the Ba and Shu territory during the Zhou dynasty — bce.

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