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Dating craftsman logos, estimation of manufacturing dates and other topics

For more information about Hinsdale and its tools including a Craftsman connectionsee the article Hinsdale in Hindsight.

Craftsman logo meaning and history

This one is pretty pitted and hard to photograph. The amber plastic handles offer a nice cosmetic touch, though the handle here has cracked despite the "unbreakable" promise in the catalog. Dating craftsman logos sockets in the set include both hex and double-square service openings.

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Do you know any dates for any of these stamps? Thus we have estimated the production date for this example to be slightly later than the previous figure.

The sockets in the set have a mix of dating craftsman logos, hex, and double-square service openings. The illustrations of sockets and other drive tools generally match the expected form, although the detail provided in the catalog graphics doesn't permit close comparison.

Craftsman Hand Plane Model Number Comparison

The finish is plain steel. This particular example is in excellent condition with very little wear, and the other markings are quite clear.

However, it turns out that a look at the Craftsman trademark records, plus a little knowledge of the socket manufacturing process, will allow a reasonable estimate of the manufacturing dates.

This catalog also shows a number of illustrations matching the figures in this article and again is in agreement with the conclusions here.

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A review of the Craftsman catalogs indicates that this type of clamshell case was first offered some time after Researchers asked people to draw various logos from memory.

The absence of the "BE" manufacturer's code on this socket might be simply a production accident, but it may also indicate that the early production of these tools was done before the "BE" code had been assigned. Note that the rightmost socket has a few areas with the finish worn down to the copper undercoating.

These observations suggest that dating craftsman logos H-Circle production came later and eventually replaced the pagdating ng panahon composer erik production toward the end of the life of the tool series.

Dating Craftsman Hand Tools

This socket was made using a "hot-broach" process, in which the socket is first heated to soften the metal, and the excess metal then accumulates at the bottom of the broached area.

References and Resources The photographs and observations in these pages are based on items in the Alloy Artifacts collection. The multiples of a given prime are generated as a sequence of numbers starting dating craftsman logos that prime, with constant difference between them which is equal to that prime.

The upper inset shows the broached service openings of the sockets. I've never been able to find information on the progression of Craftsman axe stamps over the years. This section will be revised when time permits.

The inset shows the interior of the socket to illustrate the hot-broached construction; note the ring of displaced metal at the base of the broached area.

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The distinctive metal holder has three tabs at the top with thumbscrews to secure the flex handle and cross-bar. The base has a band of finely cross-hatched knurling, and the finish is chrome plating.

The shank is marked with "Made in U. I'm guessing this may have something to do with how much space there is to print on the little hatchet.

Relative Production Order One obvious question is whether the tools marked "BE" and H-Circle were in production at the same time, or whether one code superseded the other.

We dating craftsman logos refer to this as the Round-H-Circle logo in the text. Origin of the Codes Another reasonable question concerns the origin or meaning of the particular "BE" and H-Circle codes.

Chrome plating for sockets was relatively new in the early '30s; for example, Snap-On appears to have begun plating sockets inand by or had polished chrome finishes comparable to the "BE" sockets.

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I think the double ovals are the oldest Craftsmans in my collection. There are other Scrolls with even closer parallels to the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, but this is morehead ky hook up appropriate example 4Q l.

The observed patterns of usage for the codes can then be summarized by assuming that New Britain Machine began production of Craftsman tools at its home factory, then expanded production to the Husky facility as demand for the tools increased greatly.

Dating Craftsman Logos. Hinsdale In Hindsight

The overall length is 6. The overall length of the handle is 5. Finally, as production began to wind down in the mid s, the Husky facility handled all Craftsman production.

First up is an old double oval stamp. As further evidence, we have noted the use of the H-Circle logo on some wrenches marked with the None Better brand, suggesting that other New Britain production was being marked to indicate the facility.

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This ratchet represents another transitional stage in the development of the Craftsman "BE" ratchets, previously unknown before this example was found. Maybe we can make some informed guesses about dates and the progression of stamps.

This would have helped keep the cost lower, but in later years the "BE" line included separate ratchets for each drive size. The sockets have been cold-broached with a relieved area below the broaching to allow for chip removal, with a wider base to maintain adequate wall thickness in the relieved area.

The ratchet is reversible by rotating the pawl to work on the other side, and the side edges of the pawl are serrated to provide a grip see top inset. Next is a boys axe with a single oval stamp. Confusion from the Hinsdale "Fat" H-Circle Logo At least one other company made use of a logo that could possibly be confused with the Craftsman H-Circle mark, so it may be helpful to examine the other logo and observe the differences.

The chrome plated finish and double-line logo suggest production in the range The pawl bias is maintained by a spring-loaded ball carried in the pawl itself, rather than in the handle shaft.

The cover plates are now secured with screws so that the ratchet can be disassembled for cleaning or repair. Based on this catalog, we can identify as being at or near the end of the model life for the "BE" and H-Circle line of tools. Here's a later model Craftsman but still made in U.

The lever is held in the selected position by an embossed dimple fitting into the depressions in the forged handle, and the opposite end of the lever selectively deactivates one of the ratchet pawls.

Paid memberships don't see ads! In this section we'll do some further exploration of the Craftsman series tools, without regard as to whether a comparable New Britain example happens to be available.

The dimensions are 5. The manufacturing dates for these wrenches can be estimated by catalog references. The pending status dating craftsman logos the ratchet and L-T handle places the manufacturing date for the set in the range Hinsdale's sheath is open along the entire edge and slopes gradually from the ends to a point in the center.

Here's a better example of a double oval stamp on a hatchet. A subsequent trademark introduced the underlined logo, with the initial "C" extended to underline the mark; the earliest reference to this at the USPTO is for Dating craftsman logos - Two-thirds of the participants included the brand name in their drawings, although not always with perfect accuracy - 55 per cent forgot to include the apostrophe, and 11 per cent included an 'e':